Weighing sensor "Smart Scale"

Vendor of Smart Scale is Smart Scale Technologies Inc..

Fuel level sensor TS Sensor UZ DUT-0.8

Smart Scale mechanical sensor is new and better way to weigh mechanical suspension systems. The wireless sensors make the onboard scale versatile, accurate, affordable, simple do-it-yourself way to eliminate overweight fines, check weighing fees, out of route miles, and increase productivity by reducing time reworking loads. Smart Scale also eliminates complicated installation, maintenance, and downtime associated with hardwire d onboard scales.

Based on strain in your vehicle’s suspension system, Smart Scale calculates axle group weight and gross vehicle weight measurements that are accurate within 1-2% and works well on uneven surfaces making very effective for off road applications like logging and aggregates. With our dual point calibration process you will never be wondering again how accurate you are when leaving a job site.

Because it’s wireless, Smart Scale lets you monitor gross and axle weights from up to 500 feet (155 m) away: inside the cab, on the loader, or wherever it’s safe and convenient.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximize payload, improve productivity
  • Eliminate overweight violations and time spent redistributing loads
  • Quick, simple installation: no special tools or skills
  • 500-foot (155 meter) wireless range
  • Low-powered radio signal make Smart Scale intrinsically safe
  • Accurate to within 1-2% of actual gross vehicle weight
  • Waterproof, Weatherproof, Shock-resistant, Non-corrosive housing requires no regular main use AA batteries for power.


Ideal for spring suspension trailers, dump trucks, refuse trucks, Class 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 commercial trucks, tractor trailers and fleets with air or non-air suspension who want a simple, accurate way to meet payload targets, load efficiently, and eliminate overweight violations.

Key industries:

  • refuse/waste/scrap,
  • steel, agriculture,
  • asphalt,
  • aggregates,
  • forest products,
  • containerized freight,
  • liquid and dry bulk products,
  • heavy off road mining trucks etc.

SmartScale system transmits data to Wialon using Starlink AVL devices via RS232 connection.

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