Differential fuel flow meter DFM D

Vendor of Differential fuel flow meter DFM D is Technoton.

Differential fuel flow meter DFM D is designed for diesel fuel consumption measurement on vehicles, diesel generators, locomotives, boilers and burners. DFM D measures fuel consumption as the difference in volume of fuel flowing through the supply and return fuel lines. DFM D is used both autonomously and as a part of fuel monitoring system. It allows to monitor real fuel consumption and engine operation time and detect fuel consumption tampering.

Differential fuel flow meter DFМ D Features:

Дифференциальный датчик расхода топлива Технотон DFM

  • protection against unauthorized interference;
  • model range up to 600 liters per hour;
  • no influence on the fuel system scheme;
  • in-built mud filter;
  • each unit verified for accuracy;
  • meets EU automotive standards.

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