Axle load sensor Eurosens Difference 02

Vendor of Axle load sensor Eurosens Difference 02 is Mechatronics.

Eurosens Difference 02 converts the rotation angle of the lever sensor output voltage. As a transducer a magnet-resistant sensor is used. At the output of the sensor a stabilized signal is formed, which corresponds to the angular position of the pivot arm. The signal changes depending on the load on the vehicle’s axle. The sensor can have different interfaces depending on GPS tracker to be connected with : analog (0-5V) and digital (RS485, CAN bus).

Датчик нагрузки на ось Технотон ДДЭ-08

After the installation and wiring of Eurosens Difference 02, calibration has to be done during which you correlate the sensor’s output signal to the real axle load measured by scales.


  • Power voltage, V 10 – 60
  • Temperature range,° -40 – +85
  • Interfaces RS-232, RS-485, CAN, analogue output 0-5V
  • Protection class IP 67

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