Escort wireless fuel level sensor TD-BLE

Vendor of Escort wireless fuel level sensor TD-BLE – Escort.

The Escort TD-BLE advantages:

  1. Quick and easy installation. The absence of a cable allows the sensor to be installed 2 times faster than with wired fuel level sensors.
  2. No cable. It is possible to install a fuel monitoring system in difficult places, such as: stationary containers, tanks to which earlier it was necessary to pull the wires, refrigerators that detach from the car cab, portable containers.
  3. Meets the requirements of the Technical regulation of the Customs Union 021/2011 «On the safety of equipment for working in explosive environments» - there is a certificate of the EAEU no. RU C-RU.AD07.V.00706/19.
  4. 7 years of continuous operation with just one battery.
  5. New strong, sealed, shockproof protection.
  6. Possibility of remote configuration using the mobile app.
  7. The TD-BLE fuel level sensor is compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) data transmission technology with trackers from such manufacturers as Navtelecom, Teltonika, Galileosky, Neomatika, SatelliteSolutions, Queclink, Glonassoft, Fort - Telecom, Vega-Absolut.

Technical characteristics

  • Operation mode:
      Bluetooth LE (BLE) interface
      Escort BLE communication protocol
  • Measuring error, maximum 1%
  • Range (at normal conditions in the absence of interference and obstacles when working with the base) up to 100m
  • Receiver sensitivity / transmitter power -90 dB / 0 dB
  • Ingress protection by GOST 14254 IP69S
  • Electric shock protection according to GOST class III
  • Operation conditions:
      normal operating temperature range
 -45 … +50 °С
      extreme temperature range -60 … +85 °С
      atmospheric pressure 84 … 106,7 kPa
  • Overall dimensions 80х80х(L+21) mm, where L – length of tubes
  • Length of measuring tubes from 1m to 6m
  • Weight, maximum 0,5 kg

Learn more about the sensor at the manufacturer's website.

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