Universal Wireless Stand-alone Sensor GL-TV Uni

Vendor of Universal Wireless Stand-alone Sensor GL-TV Uni is GLONASS TV.


The GL-TV Uni sensor is an integrated Bluetooth LE 5.2 sensor IoT platform powered by two independent Li-SOCI2 batteries, providing long-term and reliable data transmission.

GL-TV Uni is a multi-sensor wireless platform with a magnetic field sensor (hall sensor), a temperature sensor and a light sensor. Multiple sensing capabilities support a wide range of use cases, and its IP67 enclosure provides reliable protection even in the harshest conditions. The display and output of information can be carried out using various monitoring and telemetry systems, smartphones, as well as using the universal BLE indicator GL-TV Tab 1.3. The GL-TV Uni sensor supports the connection of an external temperature sensor on the DS18B20 chip and an external antenna, it is also possible to measure the DC voltage level.

Technical data

  • Temperature measurement range, C: -55...+85;
  • Illumination measurement range, lx: 0...65000;
  • Measurement of external DC voltage, V: 0...36;
  • Extraordinary data transmission when the magnetic sensor is triggered;
  • Enclosure protection class against dust and moisture: IP67;
  • Interface: Bluetooth LE 5.2;
  • Transmission distance in the absence of interference and obstacles: 100m;
  • Battery: 2 Li-SOCl2 batteries;
  • Service life (-24...+35°C, 1 gear in 10 s.): more than 8 years.

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