Wireless temperature and luminosity sensor ESCORT TL-BLE

Vendor of Wireless temperature and luminosity sensor ESCORT TL-BLE – Escort.

‘Escort TL-BLE’ measures the ambient temperature and luminous flux, processes the data collected and transmits it to a receiver device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection.

Mostly, the sensor is used to monitor the temperature inside refeer trucks that run long-distance deliveries of produce such as perishable or refrigerated foods, flowers, pharmaceutical products, etc. However, ‘Escort TL-BLE’ can also be used inside factory and plant buildings, greenhouses and other premises where it is required to monitor the temperature and luminosity levels.

Advantages of the wireless sensor ‘Escort TL-BLE’ before wired ones:

  1. Data transmission via Bluetooth connection under ‘Escort BLE Protocol’;
  2. Easy and quick to install - no need to worry about cabling;
  3. Fully autonomous - Li-ion battery that requires no maintenance and lasts up to 3 years;
  4. Easy to configure and tune via Escort mobile app.

Technical characteristics

  • Digital mode:
      Bluetooth LE (BLE) interface
      Escort BLE communication protocol
  • The margin of error, not more than ±1 °С
  • The light measurement error in the workspace, no more 20 %
  • Receiver sensitivity / transmitter power -96 dBm / 4 dBm
  • Ingress protection marking in accordance with ГОСТ (State Standard) 14254 IP67
  • Electric shock resistance rating in accordance with ГОСТ (State Standard) class III
  • Operating conditions:
      ambient temperature -45 … +85 °С
      atmosphere pressure 84 … 106,7 kPa
  • Dimensions, no more than 94x60x36mm
  • Weight, no more than 0,5kg

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