Driver behavior monitoring in Turkey


Nestlé Waters is a French multinational bottled water division of Nestlé. The Turkish section of the company was looking for a GPS tracking solution that would allow them to improve the driving behavior of the employees who were in charge of goods transportation.

Nestlé Waters Turkey wanted to detect dangerous driving habits like overspeeding or harsh braking and raise awareness among the staff. It would allow the company to ensure life safety, secure vehicles and cargos, reduce fines and fuel consumption.


The Wialon partner Filozof, Turkey, has implemented a project that fully covers the client’s requirements.

  • The partner’s specialists equipped the vehicles with BiosTurk MT865, Teltonika FMB 120, and Teltonika FMB 130 trackers. Wialon collects the data from the trackers, and then the Filozof’s app grabs it together with Eco Driving reports
  • The core element of the solution is a custom desktop app based on the driving behavior analysis algorithm developed by Filozof with the support of Nestlé Waters Turkey. The app helps systematize and analyze overspeedings, harsh acceleration, braking, and turning; traffic accidents, penalties, and Eco Driving metrics.
  • The app generates Driver Score Cards that contain information about accidents, overspeedings, and other violations. The customer’s drivers get these cards via email.
  • The development index in the Driver Score Cards shows the driving behavior improvements, or vice versa.
  • First, the Driver Score Cards were full of complex data. It was hard for the Nestlé’s employees to read and understand such a diversity of figures. So Filozof redesigned the cards to make them simpler and more intelligible for drivers.

Driver score card

A driver score card sample

  • There is also a Driver Score League. It’s a list in which drivers range from the least to the most careful ones on a monthly basis. The Driver Score League motivates the company’s employees to do their job better as the results of their efforts are visible.

206 drivers/vehicles take part in the project.


Filozof provided Nestlé Waters Turkey with a full-fledged Wialon-based solution for driving behavior monitoring that helps the company detect drivers with poor professional skills and provide them with extra training. Improved driving allows the client to secure the transported goods and improve service quality.

30% reduction in traffic fines

Nestlé Waters Turkiye avoids unnecessary expenses as the solution motivates drivers to avoid violations that often entail fines.

14% fewer traffic accidents

The client’s vehicles and cargoes are safer now as drivers follow the traffic rules and try to be more attentive.

68% fewer overspeedings within a year

Drivers know that the system records the data about their maneuvers and don’t attempt to break speed limits.

33% improvement in Eco Driving scores

Careful driving reduces fuel consumption, and as a result, emissions into the environment also decrease.

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