Vehicle access control system for a transportation company


The customer works with third-party carriers to transport its products. The company uses an auto barrier for vehicle access control for entering and exiting the premises. The task was to develop an inexpensive and transparent way for vehicle access control and tracking the time drivers spend in the premises while loading and unloading.


Geoservice, the telematics service provider and Wialon partner, suggested tracking vehicles at the checkpoint by connecting the GalileoSky 7x tracker to the barrier. To detect vehicles entering and exiting the company’s premises, proximity sensors were additionally installed on both sides of the auto barrier.

Now, to enter the territory equipped with the RFID-based vehicle access control system, a driver holds his RFID tags onto the reader. If the tag is in the database, the barrier opens. Otherwise, the system generates an event indicating the attempt to use an unauthorized key. The reader sends the following data to the server: the event time, status (vehicle entering or exiting), the code of the card put onto the RFID reader. Through the API, the data enters the Wialon system. 

Using the data from the GalileoSky tracker, the system generates a report with the arrival time, loading time, vehicle registration number and the driver assigned to it.

The commands for adding and deleting access tags as well as the command for forced opening of the barrier were configured using Easy Logic tracker programming technology. So, the solution not only provides vehicle access control but also allows to update data quickly, for example, when hiring or firing employees.


The vehicle access control system developed by Geoservice is a simple, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution.

Transparent reporting

The client receives informative reports, analyzing which allows taking further measures if necessary.

Staff reduction

Previously, a security guard manually controlled the barrier opening at the checkpoint and kept a log of the entry and exit of vehicles. With the automated access control system, this staff position was reduced.


A single GPS tracker installed on the barrier relieved the company from buying trackers for each vehicle. This saved the company a lot of money.

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Business sphere: Local deliveries
Monitoring unit: Specialized security equipment

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Wialon Hosting

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Galileosky 7x

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