Grain unloading control with telematics

IoT project of the year 2021



Zolotoy vek JSC specializes in growing grain crops. The company faced a problem: it was impossible to track grain unloading from a combine harvester into trucks. And this was the moment when thefts took place.

When the harvester grain tank is full, a rotating beacon turns on. A nearby truck driver sees a signal and drives up to the tank to collect its contents. The combine operator opens the emptying auger, and the grain is unloaded to be sent to the weighing station.

It was discovered that occasionally, trucks that don’t belong to the company drive up for loading and take away the grain in an unknown direction. At the same time, harvester drivers might not be aware of the theft.

They needed a solution that would exclude such a theft scheme.


Wialon's partner, Galaktika Glonass, offered the client a solution to eliminate the grain stealing channel.

  • Combine harvesters were equipped with Galileosky 5.0 navigation terminals, IRON LOGIC RFID readers, and auger blocking relays.
  • Another element of the solution is the Wialon platform. It collects data from hardware installed on harvesters and is used to record the unloading time and place, the cargo recipient, and generate reports on operations and drivers.
  • Drivers were registered in Wialon and issued RFID cards.
  • The terminal was configured to block the auger opening if there is no driver identification. Now, the grain auger opens only after the truck driver puts the ID card to the reader. An unfamiliar truck and a driver without a card will simply not have access to the grain.

Combine harvester

One of the combine harvesters of Zolotoy vek JSC


The solution developed by Galaktika Glonass made it possible to exclude grain theft at the stage of its unloading from the combine harvester.


If a driver doesn’t have an ID card, the auger can’t be opened. Now, it’s physically impossible to steal the grain while unloading it from the harvester.

Reduced losses

One grain tank costs about $1,000. Up to several trucks of grain could be stolen per day before the solution implementation.

Increased profits

After implementing the solution, the client noted a significant increase in the amount of grain that reaches the weighing station.

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IoT project of the year nomination: Agriculture
Business sphere: Agriculture
Monitoring unit: Agricultural machinery

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Galileosky v 5.0

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