Monitoring waste management in Russia



LLC Gornozavodsky enterprise for public utilities deals with waste collection and management in a small town in Perm Krai, Russia. The core issue they faced was a lack of information for decision making and no automation of routine processes:

  • Due to a large number of container sites (1,224), it was challenging to keep a log manually – they collected waste from 831 sites daily, which comprised 27,000 trips per month; 
  • No control over actually executed work;
  • No automatic synchronization between container site directories of the client and the regional waste collection operator – they had to duplicate data manually;
  • Time-consuming report generation – they created reports once a month, which was not enough to understand the current situation;
  • No statistics for further planning.

The company needed a comprehensive waste management telematics solution to solve these problems.


For this project, the Wialon partner in Russia NSC (National System of Control) developed a telematics solution with the following functionality:

  • maintain directories of container sites, creating new ones by synchronizing with the Wialon Hosting geofences;
  • synchronize directories with the regional operator’s software PAC ACS Big Three – the integration was carried out using Wialon SDK and API; 
  • assign transport for different types of work;
  • keep route logs to see the actual work done;
  • keep waste collection schedules to get statistics on the average number of trips per week/month;
  • automatically generate job completion acts at the end of the month and send them via email;
  • freeze billing periods when there are no changes;
  • distribute access rights.

The company is planning to supplement the app’s functionality with the Logistics app. It will provide the ability to plan routes and send photos via a mobile application to confirm waste collection. 


The Wialon partner has created a comprehensive system for monitoring, management, and reporting for the customer from the ground up. The system enables end-to-end control of waste collection and management and effective decision-making based on the data received.

Complete record-keeping

Waste collection from all container sites is under control

From 12 to 9

The garbage trucks operating in one area reduced to this number


Fuel savings per month


Salary savings per month

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IoT project of the year nomination: Waste management
Business sphere: Public utilities
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

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