Monitoring equipment in the tomato fields in Chile

IoT project of the year 2021


Sugal Chile specializes in growing vegetables and fruits. Currently, the company is the number 2 tomato sauce producer in the world. Sugal Chile was aiming at improving decision-making and harvesting-related processes.

  • The company searched for a solution that would allow them to monitor their trucks and harvesters in the fields. With the monitoring data at hand, the company’s authorities would be able to make timely decisions and take actions based on the acquired information.
  • Sugal Chile would like to visualize the telematics data as statuses of trucks and harvesters, their downtime, hectares harvested, etc.


The Wialon partner GPS Chile provided a monitoring solution and created a dashboard that allows Shugal Chile to monitor equipment conveniently.

  • GPS Chile equipped harvesters and trucks with Teltonika FMU130 trackers. The telematics data from the trackers get to the Wialon monitoring platform and the Hecterra app. Afterward, the processed data is visualized via the custom-developed dashboard.
  • The dashboard shows information about vehicles online, their activities (operation time of every vehicle and how long it has been working in each field), statuses of devices, data on fields (geofences, routes, plants). It’s also possible to see what type of vehicles are in every field.

GPS Chile is planning to implement new features of the solution next year at the harvesting time.


GPS Chile armed Shugal Chile with a monitoring solution and the dashboard that allowed them to view telematics information about drivers, trucks, and harvesters in a convenient way.

Employees under control

The solution allows the client to monitor drivers working time and work quality.

Less downtime

Now, Shugal Chile can quickly define machines with technical issues and repair them as soon as possible.

No traffic jams

The telematics data allows the customer to control the number of trucks at the plant and avoid traffic jams.

Improved decision-making

Shugal Chile can view the telematics data of the whole fleet (400 units) in a convenient way and make timely decisions.

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Company profile

Country: Chile
IoT project of the year nomination: Agriculture
Business sphere: Agriculture
Monitoring unit: Agricultural machinery

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Teltonika FMU130
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