Increasing the efficiency of seismic exploring with Wialon in Russia




GEOTECH Seismic Services PJSC is a leading Russian company that specializes in onshore and transit zone seismic exploration. The company operates in the major oil and gas regions in Russia (Western and Eastern Siberia, Timan-Pechora and Volga-Ural provinces) and Kazakhstan. These territories are characterized by extreme climates and the absence of full-fledged infrastructure.

To continue cooperating with oil and gas companies, meet the market requirements, and remain competitive, the company must implement a unified monitoring system. The main issue is that data comes from machinery working in remote, difficult terrains where there is no GSM network. Moreover, it was planned to connect the monitoring system without interrupting the workflow. Using a satellite data transmission channel is expensive, and on-premise solutions can’t handle the monitoring of drivers, machinery, and fuel consumption.  


GEOTECH Seismic Services had been looking for a contractor to perform a comprehensive project for a long time and eventually chose our long-term partner, the Nova-Trek company.

At the first stage, they scheduled the equipment operation process and set up the units.

  • Galileosky Base Block WiFi Hub terminals with an access point function allow the system to work in poor or no network connection conditions: the device collects data in the internal memory and transmits it upon returning to base. The machinery is also equipped with an access point function, which makes it possible to collect data not only from its vehicle but also from other machines and upload it via a Wi-Fi channel. This approach allows the customer to optimize mileage and fuel consumption because there is no need for each car to return to base to transfer data.

  • Easy Logic technology allows for customization of each terminal. Our partner has written algorithms to automate data collection and transmission and to control all the work flexibly.

  • Setting up units in Wialon made it possible to display parameters with the most accurate performance: driving speed and overspeeding control; Eco Driving; work and rest schedule control; drivers’ medical examination control (the Medical examination report has been added to the Assignment table) and many other reports.

  • Our partner has installed monitoring terminals on the customer’s vehicles. To do this, specialists had to work in branch offices across the country, including remote regions. In addition to Galileosky terminals, they equipped vehicles with Omnicomm fuel level sensors, Stels temperature sensors, the iButton driver identification with a key clip.

  • The system was integrated with 1C software to compare data with vehicle trip tickets.

As a result, the system was launched, and Nova-Trek set up a 24/7 technical support service. Our partner also conducted a two-day training course on Wialon for the customer.


The monitoring system is already working, and its functionality is continuously being supplemented with new tools. The future aims to get not just a control system for vehicles, but an all-in-one solution for automating the work of GEOTECH Seismic Services.

1030 units

connected during the project.

Control of drivers

Medical examination, compliance with the work and rest schedule.


The reduction of fuel and vehicle fleet maintenance expenses.

Process automation

Minimal risk of human error.

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