Eco Driving and Wialon prevents accidents and saves lives


Puma Energy faced a serious problem when the number of traffic accidents with their trucks increased. The company could not analyze the reason for traffic accidents because they used monitoring software with limited functionality. As a result, the company suffered enormous losses related to damaged vehicles and undelivered cargo (about $150K per accident). People died as a result of tank trucks explosions and fuel ignition.


JW Services, a partner of Gurtam, has offered a complex fleet safety solution, consisting of the following components: 

Wialon API/SDK + GPS devices with the option to read CAN bus data + RFID tags and readers for driver identification + Eco Driving

  • CAN data is used to evaluate the driving style.  On-board computers send the information on speed, gear shifting, harsh braking, and acceleration to GPS tracking platform Wialon. Special attention is paid to speed: this parameter is taken both from CAN bus and a GPS device every single second to get the most accurate and reliable data.
  • RFID tags and readers for driver identification – these devices are useful when drivers work in shifts or when vehicles are not assigned to a specific driver. An additional reader is installed into the car and connected to a GPS tracker, and a unique code is given to the driver.
  • Eco Driving app was used for driver behavior control.
  • Wialon API/SDK was employed to connect all the components together.


Road safety

increased, and casualties decreased


is delivered safe and sound


Drivers’ behavior improved


losses on accidents were reduced

The number

of car accidents with Puma Energy trucks was substantially reduced

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Company profile

Business sphere: Mining and processing, Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

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Wialon Hosting
Eco Driving
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