Safer fuel delivery with video telematics and driver behavior monitoring


Fleet visibility is paramount for ensuring seamless and secure transportation, particularly for companies dealing with hazardous substances such as fuel. 

The client, Lebanon’s leading fuel importer, had a fleet of over 150 trucks performing daily oil and gas deliveries throughout Lebanese territories, serving fuel stations, residential houses, factories, and the airport. Orders were received through various channels, including WhatsApp, e-commerce websites, the call center, and emails. 

The company was facing operational inefficiencies resulting from non-optimized routes, unmonitored driving behavior, traceability issues for driver fines, and prevalent fuel theft, a common challenge in the industry. The lack of real-time monitoring, telematics fuel management, and data analysis left the client exposed to accidents and financial losses. 

One day the company encountered a critical incident — the explosion of one of its trucks. Its cause remained a mystery due to the absence of in-cabin cameras and proper driver behavior monitoring. 

This incident prompted the client to pursue a comprehensive solution. In their quest, the company collaborated with MaliaTec, a Wialon partner in the MENA region, to develop a robust fleet telematics system to enhance fuel efficiency, ensure driver compliance with safe road practices, and address other operational challenges.


After meticulous analysis of the client's settings, MaliaTec proposed a fleet telematics and fuel efficiency solution that leverages various Wialon's functionalities:

Video telematics

The fuel trucks have been equipped with strategically placed cameras, including in-cabin views for monitoring driver behavior and frontal cameras for maintaining safe convoy distances. The video telematics tools send critical alerts in potentially risky situations, such as illegal camera shutdown, camera cover, fuel theft or fuel dumping outside the customer's premises, or video feed loss. 

Driver identification and behavior monitoring

The fleet management solution also encompasses driver identification and behavior monitoring capabilities. Wialon features such as Drivers, Jobs, and Sensors help monitor driving patterns, prevent unauthorized vehicle usage, and mitigate the risk of truck theft. 

Route optimization and telematics fuel management

MaliaTec used Wialon's delivery management solution to manage orders, eliminate non-optimized routes and save fuel. Orders are now efficiently imported and dispatched, while customers can trace the delivery using real-time tracking links.

The partnership between MaliaTec and the client is evolving further with a list of enhancements already planned. The pipeline includes adding fuel level sensors and truck information reading, incorporating the Wialon tool for fleet maintenance management, third-party work order management and ERP software, OBD connectivity, and PowerBI and Microsoft Dynamics integration.


The solution powered by video telematics addressed the immediate client’s concerns and paved the way for continuous improvement, setting the stage for safer, more efficient, and cost-effective operations. Within six months of using the fleet management solution, the client achieved remarkable results.

100% driver compliance

Drivers consistently complied with roads, delivery schedules, and safe road behavior practices.

23% fuel savings

Optimization of routes, reduced truck usage, and elimination of theft significantly increased fuel savings.

Zero driver-related accidents

The company eliminated accidents caused by tardiness, distraction, phone use, or poor driving.

60% reduction in tickets

The client substantially reduced the number of fines for speeding, aggressive driving, and illegal side driving and parking.

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Company profile

Country: Lebanon
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation

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