Eco Driving solution for a transportation company in Poland

IoT project of the year 2022

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An international cargo transportation company with a fleet of about 45 vehicles based in Poland experienced problems with the increased average fuel and AdBlue consumption, as well as frequent change of brake pads and discs on trucks and trailers.

The company tried to control the driving style and behavior of drivers on its own. Those attempts demonstrated that drivers didn't use or rarely used cruise control and retarder, poorly predicting the situation on the road. That resulted in an increased number of acceleration and deceleration.

The company's management soon realized that they needed a professional Eco Driving solution to improve driving quality, monitor driver behavior and determine their wages based on their performance. This is how this cargo transportation company came to the decision to search for an affordable Eco Driving solution. 


The Wialon partner ATK GPS, Poland, has developed a driver behaviour monitoring system that meets the needs of the client and provides a high level of work automation.

The company has been offering comprehensive monitoring of vehicles, employees and stationary assets using GPS tracking and IoT for several years, so its specialists knew where to start.

  • Galileosky 7x GPS trackers were installed on the vehicles and connected to CAN. Unique algorithms were used for setting up the trackers to handle the data from CAN on the equipment level.
  • The trackers send the collected data associated with Eco Driving to Wialon. 
  • A custom app was built to handle the received data; the client was very experienced in tech details of Eco Driving parameters, so their algorithm was used in the project.

The whole solution shows how the drivers behave and breaks down their work based on the number of parameters. Those can be analyzed and used for driver scoring, educating and identifying what can be done to improve the overall driving style and performance of the fleet.

driver behaviour monitoring system The Eco Driving solution scores drivers based on their driving performance

In addition to applying Wialon Local and the Galileosky algorithm, the company also has developed its Telegram chatbot for electronic document management with drivers and setting the final grade for the route for each driver individually.

It's worth adding that the proposed driver behaviour tracking solution is universal and suitable for any vehicle brand.


After the implementation of the Eco Driving solution, the driving quality of the fleet vehicles became significantly better. The client has digitized the assessment and scoring system and demonstrated it to all the drivers. Their salary now depends on their skills, quality of their driving, and behavior on the road.

The client managed to reduce fuel consumption and extend the vehicles’ parts life, and reduce wear and tear.

Optimized fuel consumption

As a result of the implementation of the driver behaviour monitoring system, the company has achieved an average reduction in fuel consumption of 5 liters per 100 km.

Increased parts life

The mileage of the brake pads of the tractor was increased to 650,000 km, and the semi-trailer - up to 550,000-600,000 km.

Durability of vehicle parts

Brake disc wear has been reduced to 0.7 mm per 100,000 km.

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Company profile

Country: Poland
IoT project of the year nomination: Long-haul shipping
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

Implemented products

Wialon Local

Implemented hardware

Galileosky 7x
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