Fleet management solution to control fuel consumption and driver behavior in Chile

IoT project of the year 2022

iot ptoject of the year 2022


Transportes Ortega is one of the biggest transportation companies in Chile. Since 1970, the company has been intensively developing in forestry and logistics and increasing its fleet. Now it contains more than 150 vehicles. The vehicles export products over long distances to different parts of the country. 

Naturally, at a certain point they faced a need of better control of their fleet, including the following tasks:

  • to control fuel consumption and detect possible fuel theft on the spot;
  • to coach drivers and improve their behavior and safety behind the wheel;
  • to establish preventive maintenance checks and reduce downtime and the cost of repairs.


Transportes Ortega contacted GPS Chile, a Wialon partner from South America, to build an effective and multi-task fleet management solution

  • The telematics service provider started with installing Teltonika FMU130 tracking devices receiving CAN bus data. Other devices used within the project to support the clients CANbus network include Teltonika’s ECAN01 adapters and ALL-CAN300 trackers. The selected pieces of equipment are compatible with vehicles, engines, and machinery from different manufacturers and are operated and controlled remotely. To demonstrate their efficiency, GPS Chile created demo versions of the fleet management solution which shows that the client would be able to receive and study parameters unavailable to their competition

  • The installed trackers collect data on parameters, like revolutions per minute (RPM) and engine temperature, via GPS, and they can be used to assess the driving style.

  • The obtained data is sent to Wialon where customized reports are generated, which help  identify the main tendencies and average values and detect discrepancies. Reports are used by multiple divisions and departments across the company: legal, finance, accounting, and so on.

  • Another feature provided by Wialon and actively used in the fuel consumption control system is the notification functionality. GPS Chile has set up alerts that automatically indicate any case of fuel theft.

The project implementation was carried on rather smoothly, as the client trusted our partner. They have an assigned key account manager that accompanies the client from the start of the project implementation. GPS Chile also provides a nation-wide field assistance network that helps solve technical issues in the 24/7 mode.

In the future, the client is planning to enforce the fleet management solution with a dashboard containing the most important indicators. 

So far, the client has connected 43 trucks to the fuel consumption control and plans to augment the number to 150.


The client is satisfied with the implementation of the fleet management solution since it has been able to detect and reduce theft thanks to the notifications feature.

–5% in fuel consumption

The client reduces their fuel consumption costs for the same mileage due to proper control.

Better driving habits

The fleet management solution with driver behavior monitoring features is a deterrent in terms of bad driving practices, improving the performance of drivers.

Preventive maintenance control system

Transportes Ortega saves on maintenance with real-time engine tracking.

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Company profile

Country: Chile
IoT project of the year nomination: Long-haul shipping
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle
Website: www.gpschile.com

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Teltonika FMU130

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