Monitoring rental boats in Morocco

IoT project of the year 2021

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The MED NAUTIC company located in Morocco offers boats and water scooters for leisure and water sports purposes to tourists and local citizens. However, this activity entails a range of problems such as: 

  • boat theft;
  • unauthorized trips or activities;
  • entering prohibited areas;
  • transportation of all kinds of illegal goods.

To address these issues, MED NAUTIC contacted the Wialon partner HTC SOLUTIONS MAROC. The company is engaged in geolocating vehicles and all kinds of assets.


Specialists from HTC SOLUTIONS MAROC created the solution based on Wialon Hosting to provide real-time monitoring of the customer’s fleet. The client can use the platform’s web version or employ the mobile application to have the real-time data at hand at any time.

Fleet units have been equipped with Teltonika FMB920 GPS trackers, voltage and starting sensors to inform the customer of the engine starting and shutdown during each trip, and 24V engine cutout relays to automatically cut off the engine in case a vessel enters the forbidden zone. The trackers collect the data from sensors, as well as location, speed, and movement data, and send them to Wialon.

  • Geofences were created to prevent vessels from leaving authorized areas and entering the prohibited ones.
  • Commands are used to stop the engine of the vessel if it leaves the authorized area.
  • SMS and email notifications alert the client of the entire navigation process of the vessel.
  • Reports on journeys, routes, number of engine hours, etc. are available for the owners.

Considering weather conditions, it took seven weeks to launch the solution, from preparation and testing its reliability to hardware installation and customer agreement to globalize the solution for the rest of its fleet.

The partner created a dedicated mailbox for technical problems and support and several Slack and Discord channels for live communication. A technical support agent is also available by phone during working hours.


The partner intends to generate a complete maritime solution to present it to the owner of pleasure crafts and jet skis. They are testing additional equipment to the solutions, such as fixed and portable VHF radios, walkie-talkies, and surveillance cameras.


The solution provided the safety and correct usage of the vessels, which is the main benefit for the customer.

No theft attempts

Employees and clients are aware of monitoring and don’t try to break the law. If an attempt happens, the vessel won’t go from the allowed zone anyway.

18% profit increase

The customer declared that the profit grew compared to the previous month.

Time optimization

Due to remote monitoring, the owner can plan the rental schedule more efficiently.

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Company profile

Country: Morocco
IoT project of the year nomination: Security personnel
Business sphere: Passenger transportation
Monitoring unit: Passenger vehicle

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Teltonika FMB920
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