Operational control and maintenance platform for road safety

IoT project of the year 2021


Alto Magdalena is the company in Colombia sending first responders when a road accident occurs. Its employees faced a number of challenges often preventing them from sending timely help:

  • One of the main problems was the lack of location data of the rescue unit closest to the event site. If the location was unknown, it would take time to reach the event site.
  • Late arrival time caused a higher probability of a fatal outcome for accident victims.
  • The lack of statistical information made it impossible to generate road safety actions: a black point (three or more accidents with victims occur within the 1 km distance) requires special signaling, speed bumps, road layout modifications, etc.
  • The lack of control over rescue units sometimes led to them being unavailable because of attending another accident or being under maintenance.
  • Fuel consumption and driver behavior control were also unavailable.


The service provider AVILAING developed a proprietary platform that can successfully address all the client’s challenges. The hardware installed in every vehicle of the client’s fleet (FLSs and trackers) sends all the collected data to the platform. Thanks to that, after the dispatchers through their channels get the notification on the accident, they locate the closest to the event site rescue unit and send it to help. In the system, they can see the rescue unit’s movement and can calculate the response or arrival time (the so-called Golden Hour is a vital period within which the chances of saving lives are the highest).

After the accident is attended to, more information about it is added to the system later with the help of police reports. It adds up to gathering statistical information.

The rest of the collected data contributes to the company’s fleet management: fuel consumption optimization, driving style assessment, etc. 

Later, the service provider plans to add the feature of vehicle maintenance control, which is being developed at the moment.


The client got a reliable platform that accumulates all the necessary data and helps save lives effectively.

Online monitoring

The location of rescue units is displayed on the map, which allows identifying the closest unit to the accident site.

Analytics and statistics

The collected data analysis makes it possible to pinpoint the most dangerous sections of the road and initiate road safety actions there.

Response time reduction

Now the help can arrive sooner, which helps save more lives.


The fleet operations are optimized, and the company is spending less on fuel, maintenance, the vehicles are used more effectively. Plus thanks to the stats available it is possible to further investigate where it is possible to cut costs in the future.

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Company profile

Country: Colombia
IoT project of the year nomination: Public safety
Business sphere: General fleets
Monitoring unit: Cars

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