The platform for organizing road transportation in Russia

IoT project of the year 2021

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ResursTrans LLC is engaged in outsourcing transport services across the Russian Federation. The company maintains a fleet of 10,000 vehicles. Among the company’s projects is the transport organization for well-known Russian enterprises: Russian Railways JSC, Apatit JSC, Inter RAO-Electric Power Plants JSC, UCC URALCHEM JSC.

The carrier was looking for a solution that would improve the quality of services provided and reduce costs:

  • The company didn’t have a solution to combine driver, dispatcher, customer, and contractor data.
  • They needed to control payments with the contractor based on the data received from Wialon.
  • Paperwork was slowing down business processes.
  • The company was striving to improve quality control of the work performed.


The Wialon partner from Russia, Tetron, developed a Transfort unified platform for organizing road transportation for the client.


Displaying an order in the Transfort web application

  • The Tetron specialists created a platform for organizing road transportation and integrated it with the Wialon monitoring system. Telematics data from GPS equipment installed on the vehicles is sent to Wialon and then redirected to Transfort. Cars and drivers without monitoring devices are connected to the system using the WiaTag application. Thus, the system receives data that actually confirms the order fulfillment.
  • The service enables placing and searching orders for transport. For users' convenience, there are mobile and web applications.
  • The platform ensures automated information exchange between the customer and the contractor. This reduces the burden on the customer regarding the contractor’s choice and documents transmission.
  • The platform integrates with various accounting systems, for example, 1C, SAP, Oracle, etc. Automatic accounting of telematics data takes place in these systems.
  • Tetron developed algorithms for checking data from monitoring systems. It makes it possible to increase the transparency of the work performed and, therefore, to control its quality better. Thus, the costs of manual data control reduce.

The solution advantages include a regularly updated database of reliable partners, transaction support from start to finish, electronic document management, and a tendering system that reduces transportation costs. Another essential thing is that the system excludes the possibility for carriers to overcharge tariffs. 


Tetron developed a solution that allowed the client to unite drivers, dispatchers, customers, and contractors on one platform, automate many work processes, improve transportation quality control, and reduce costs.

Tariff reduction by 35%

This happened due to the trading system introduction.

Load reduction by 40%

The load on dispatchers decreased due to the digitalization of processes concerning work with contractor vehicles.

10% savings

The client could save money due to the work control system.

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IoT project of the year nomination: Long-haul shipping
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Automotive equipment

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