Monitoring handheld radios using Wialon


The BeeTalker company is focused on broadband connectivity. Its development office is located in the USA, and its sales offices are placed around the world, including Azerbaijan. In early 2019, BeeTalker reached out to yollar, the Wialon partner in Azerbaijan, requesting assistance in innovative walkie development.

Along with the previous approach to the manufacturing of the classic products, in addition to standard general problems, such as the necessity of walkie licensing, for example, there was a number of other problems: 

  • geographic attachment to the location;
  • a limited number of channels, the need for callsigns in analog solutions; 
  • a sophisticated system for expanding and combining remote coverage areas;
  • primitive location monitoring functionality.

The yollar company solved these problems and, as a result, they got an effective solution to transmit voice, video, and data. The solution has no analogs. 


The partner created a comprehensive telematics solution using Wialon. The solution made possible a monitoring process with extended functionality.

In the short time, upon yollar’s request, the Gurtam experts added the two-way voice transmission to Wialon, and now our partner can offer their clients a full-fledged dispatch center allowing a dispatcher to:

  • listen to the conversations on up to 99 selected channels;
  • respond to a specific channel or a specific user;
  • have all the devices displayed on the map and track them using geofences;
  • receive the notifications (charging, change of the channel, SOS, etc.) and respond to them;
  • remotely manage devices including configuring and updating firmware;
  • view call history (audio and video).

The LTE network was used to provide the voice transmission, and the Wialon IPS protocol was applied to enable the integration with Wialon. The partner also fully integrated the kernel-level solution into DMR systems by Kirisun, Hytera, Excera. It became possible thanks to AIS DMR Tier II and Tier I, and the interface developed by the DMR-association.

Concerning the hardware, the devices available on the market could not meet all the project requirements, and yollar and Beetalker’s experts mutually designed their own devices (for example, B138 and B938 models).


A developed comprehensive solution has already been applied in some spheres such as safety, logistics, oil industry, delivery services.

No sabotage

An employee who takes a risk to sabotage this solution will simply be cut off from the company.


Thanks to the support of three DMR manufacturers, it is possible to effectively expand the client base in terms of economical and technical factors.

Unique solution

The project is one of a kind and offers the users such notable advantages as a user-friendly interface and rich functionality.

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Company profile

Country: Azerbaijan
IoT project of the year nomination: Security personnel
Business sphere: Security
Monitoring unit: Specialized security equipment

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting
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