Video surveillance system in private schools in Azerbaijan

IoT project of the year 2021

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LANDAU School is a network of private schools in Azerbaijan. Schools have already installed video surveillance systems, but the organization wanted to improve the existing solution and complement it with offline work, face recognition, and contact monitoring capabilities. Such a solution should increase safety in schools and help in fighting against the spread of COVID-19. Also, the customer wanted to get rid of walkie-talkies in security departments.


The customer turned to our partner and winner of the IoT project of the year 2020, the Yollar company, for implementation.

The solution is based on KH3705 personal video recorders by JIMI IOT (Concox) connected to Wialon. Security guards wear these devices. Yollar specialists improved the video recorders software: added video encryption, implemented a smart battery charging system, and even redesigned the device to replace the battery without shutting down the operation.

Audio and video files are stored on the device until the end of the working day. The recorder memory is enough for 20 hours of recording in HD format and 10 hours in FullHD format.

During a working day, part of the data is transferred from the device to Wialon via the Wialon IPS protocol: current device coordinates, SOS signal, battery percentage. At night or in the absence of light, an automatic infrared illumination is activated, due to which the quality of recording and face recognition remains the same.

At the end of the working day, the security department installs recorders at the station to charge and transfer footage to the local storage. At night, information from all local stations is uploaded to the server for subsequent face identification and analytics.

The solution uses Wialon for the GPS monitoring of personnel and other software for specific tasks:

  • BeeTalker POC for team communication;
  • BeeTalker VMS for working with video recordings;
  • BeeTalker vID for face recognition and analytics.


The customer is satisfied with how the video surveillance system copes with the set tasks and is considering connecting the Wialon video module. This will help them quickly find essential video fragments and investigate incidents.

The security department operation reached a new level: walkie-talkies have been replaced with a comprehensive solution that determines employees’ location, records video, and allows you to identify faces, determine whether people wear masks, and other parameters.

Security effectiveness

The solution provides a new level of monitoring the maintenance of order on school grounds.

Contact monitoring

The solution allows you to track the contacts of a person infected with COVID-19 and prevent the spread of the disease.

Face recognition

The solution identifies people in the frame even in the dark, captures the mood, and detects the presence of masks.

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Company profile

Country: Azerbaijan
IoT project of the year nomination: Security personnel
Business sphere: Security

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