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Oyster Cellular
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Number of units

Features Oyster Cellular:
  • 3G
  • 4G/LTE
  • Blackbox
  • GLONASS support
Supported in Wialon:
  • Communication via TCP

The following data should also be added to Oyster Cellular unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software :

Device type: Oyster Cellular
Unique ID: imei

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration Oyster Cellular for use in Wialon Hosting :

Server port: 21403

1706 units of Oyster Cellular device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 0.96% of all Asset trackers connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units
cell_id_# Cell ID
cell_loc_code_# Location Area Code
mcc_# Mobile Country Code (MCC)
mnc_# Mobile Network Code (MNC)
wifi_chnl_# WiFi Channel
wifi_rssi_# Signal strength dBm
wifi_mac_ap_# MAC address of AP
gforse_dur Duration ms
gforse_ave Average absolute value of G force 1024 = 1G
gforse_peak Peak G force 1024 = 1G
rftag_gateway Gateway serial. The serial of the receiving gateway.
rftag_serial Serial number. Null in Trailer mode.
rftag_token Token. Shows asset in Trailer mode. Otherwise may be null.
rftag_gate_mode Gateway mode. 0 = Trailer, 1 = Taglist 2, 3 = Reserved
rftag_link_type Link type. 0 = Broadcast, 1 = Static, 2= Dynamic, 3 = Reserved.
rftag_tag_type Tag type. 0 = Mini, 1 = T50, 2 = Tiny, Other = reserved.
rftag_last Last seen. Time since last seen, in seconds or minutes. sec or min
rftag_last_type Last seen in mins. Indicates previous field is in minutes. min
rf_gateway Gateway serial. The serial of the receiving gateway.
rf_serial Serial number. The serial of the tag.
rf_gate_mode Gateway mode. 0 = Trailer, 1 = Taglist, 2, 3 = Reserved
rf_link_type Link type. 0 = Broadcast 1 = Static 2= Dynamic 3 = Reserved
rf_token Token. Shows asset in Trailer mode. Otherwise may be null.
rf_gained_tag Gained tag. Set when tag/asset comes into range/is selected.
rf_rssi_delta RSSI delta. Set when RSSI changes significantly (Taglist mode).
rf_please_report Please report. Set when tag requests a report.
rf_deb_fail Debounce failed. Set when digital IO’s are reported oscillating.
rf_tag_type Tag type. 0 = Mini, 1 = T50, 2 = Tiny, Other = reserved.
rf_fw_ver Firmware version
rf_hard_ver Hardware revision
rf_rssi RSSI In dBm. dBm
rf_tx_pwr Tx power. In dBm. dBm
rf_period Report period. Tag report period.
rf_period_type Period in minutes. Indicates period in minutes / seconds. sec/min
rf_count Retry count. How many times was Id message retried?
rf_pwr_int Battery voltage. Units 3.3 / 256 V.
rf_d_level Digital levels. Logical digital levels
rf_d_change Digital changes. Which levels changed.
rf_#_l_alarm Low alarm. Value below alarm threshold
rf_#_h_alarm High alarm. Value above alarm threshold
rf_#_value Value Sensor value, or INT32_MAX for null.
trip_code ASCII trip type code
project_code ASCII project code
blob_serial Device Serial Number
blob_slot_id Slot ID
blob_id BLOB ID
blob_mime_type Data Type – MIME type
blob_meta_# BLOB meta data
adc_### Analogue Data
measur_type SDI12 Measurement Type (0-9)

Measurement (scaled by 1000) Scaled by 1000 Eg milli-degrees centigrade

drv_id_type Driver ID type / flags
drv_id_data Driver ID data

Device Status Flags (bits 1-16)

b1-b8: common across devices

b1 = trip status. 1 = “in trip”

b2 = internal battery good

b3 = external power good

b4 = connected to GSM

b5 = shunting power from battery

b6 = external power enabled

b7 = tamper alert

b8 = recovery mode active

b9-b16: device specific

severity Severity. 0 = Info, 1 = Warning, 2 = Severe, 3 = Critical
module_id Module ID
event_code Event code
ascii_debug Ascii debug string

GPS Status.
Flags b0=fix VALID, b1=3D fix, b2= old fix, due to loss of signal (b2 applies to Remora only)

tag_log_# Tag log reason, 0- update, 1- found, 2- Lost
tag_type_# Tag type
tag_rssi_# Tag RSSI
tag_ser_num_# Tag serial number
tag_tx_power_# Tx power
tag_battery_# Tag battery
tag_int_temp_# Tag internal temperature
tag_uuid_# Tag UUID
tag_major_id_# Tag Major ID
tag_minor_id_# Tag Minor ID
tag_mac_# Tag MAC address
tag_namespace_# Tag namespace ID
tag_instance_# Tag instance ID
tag_flags_# Tag flags
tag_temp_# Tag temperature
tag_hum_# Tag humidity
tag_prob1_temp_# Tag probe 1 temperature
tag_prob2_temp_# Tag probe 2 temperature
tag_rh_temp_# Tag RH sensor, temperature
tag_rh_hum_# Tag RH sensor, humidity
tag_inp_# Tag digital input
tag_ai1_# Tag analog input 1
tag_ai2_# Tag analog input 2
tag_frame_type_# Tag frame type
tag_ver_# Tag version
tag_vbatt_# Tag VBATT
tag_ad_pdu_c_# Tag advertising PDU count
tag_on_time_# Tag time since power-on or reboot
tag_freq_# Tag frequency
tag_lat_acc_# Tag lateral acceleration
tag_lon_acc_# Tag longitudinal acceleration
tag_alt_acc_# Tag vertical acceleration
tag_tyre_num_# Tag tyre number
tag_sen_id_# Tag sensor ID
tag_press_# Tag pressure
tag_gen_type_# Tag generic tag type
tag_gen_data_# Tag generic tag data

Internal battery voltage


External voltage = adc_2/10


Internal temperature = adc_3/100

degrees C

GSM signal strength, (0-31 with 31 being full strength)

adc_6 - #

Analogues 6 and up are configurable.


Reserved for system values


0: CAT-M1 cell towers

1: NB-IoT cell towers

(not set)

Mobile Country Code

(not set)

Mobile Network Code

(not set)

Location Area Code

(not set)

Cell ID

(not set)

Timing Advance

(not set)


(not set)

Physical Cell ID

(not set)





Timing Difference


Oyster Cellular Long-Life Battery GPS Tracker

The Oyster is a compact, rugged GPS tracking device that has been designed for tracking containers, trailers, skip bins, and other assets where super-long battery life is required without sacrificing the frequency of updates and performance.

By utilising the latest technology, the Oyster can operate in ultra-low power modes, and with an incredible battery life of up to 5 years the Oyster Cellular can be attached to assets and tracked without needing to change batteries. The Oyster has built-in antennas for GPS reception and for cellular communication, a 3D accelerometer, a high-performance GPS that can track both GPS and GLONASS satellites simultaneously and flash memory for storing non-volatile information.

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