Navtelecom SMART S-44xx

Navtelecom SMART S-44xx
Manufacturer: Navtelecom
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Number of units

Features Navtelecom SMART S-44xx:
  • 3G
  • 4G/LTE
  • Blackbox
  • BLE enabled
  • Dual SIM
  • Sending data to multiple servers
  • Built-in odometer
  • Voice calls
Supported in Wialon:
  • Accelerometer
  • ADC sensors
  • CAN-bus support
  • Communication with driver
  • ECO driving
  • Remote management via GPRS
  • Driver identification
  • Digital sensors
  • LBS
  • Remote management via SMS
  • Alarm button
  • Tachograph file download
  • Communication via TCP
  • Communication via UDP

The following data should also be added to Navtelecom SMART S-44xx unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software :

Device type: Navtelecom SMART S-44xx
Unique ID: imei

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration Navtelecom SMART S-44xx for use in Wialon Hosting :

Server port: 22101

347 units of Navtelecom SMART S-44xx device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 0.01% of all AVL Hardware connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units
imei Device IMEI
model Device model
software_released Device firmware release date
software_version Device firmware version
lang Device firmware languge
gps_version Navigation module firmware
touch_key The code TouchMemory or plastic key-card on the interface 1-Wire, RS-232 or RS-485. Decimal number
rfid The code received from the RFID reader on the interface RS-232 or RS-485. Decimal number
rfid_pwr RFID tag power dBm
cmd_ans Parameter for representing the device response to a request or command
unknown_cmd_ntcb Parameter for representing the device response to an unknown request or command
unknown_cmd_flex Parameter for representing the device response to an unknown request or command
msg_type Type of message
msg_number Message number in flash memory
event_code Reason code for message generation
time Message time seconds since 01.01.1970
status Device status 1 (bit field)
modules_st The status of functional modules 1 (bit field)
modules_st2 The status of functional modules 2 (bit field)
gsm GSM level (0..31 - 0..100%, 99 - no registration in the network)
nav_rcvr_state Power to the navigation receiver (0 - Off, 1 - On)
valid_nav 0 - navigation is invalid, 1 - navigation is valid
sats Total number of satellites
last_valid_time Time when the last valid coordinates were received seconds since 01.01.1970
mileage Current mileage km
inter_mileage Mileage between two points of the track whith valid navigation km
positions_count Total number of seconds on the "inter_mileage" sec
val_positions_count Total number of seconds on the "inter_mileage" whith valid navigation sec
pwr_ext External voltage V
pwr_int Internal voltage V
adcХ Voltage from analog input, X - input nuber V
inХ Status of the input line, X - input nuber (In the "Messages" section is presented as I/O)
outХ Status of the output line, X - output nuber (In the "Messages" section is presented as I/O)
imp_counterХ Number of counted pulses, X - input nuber
freqХ Frequency from analog-to-frequency sensor, X - input nuber hz
engine_hours Engine hours from sensor of the generator hour
rs485fuel_levelХ Fuel level from rs485/BLE, X - sensor nuber
rs232fuel_level Fuel level from rs232
tempХ Temperature from a digital sensors, X - sensor nuber °C
can_fuel_lvl Level of fuel in the tank %
can_fuel_vlm Level of fuel in the tank liter
can_fuel_consumpt Full fuel consumption liter
engine_rpm Engine speed rpm
engine_coolant_temp Temperature of the engine coolant °C
can_mileage Full vehicle mileage km
can_axis_weightХ Axle load, X - axle nuber kg
accel_pedal_pos Accelerator pedal position %
brake_pedal_pos Position of the brake pedal %
engine_load Load on the engine %
can_dfl_level Liquid level in the diesel exhaust filter %
can_dfl_volume Liquid level in the diesel exhaust filter liter
can_engine_hours Total time of engine operation hour
can_dtm Distance before maintenance km
can_speed Speed of vehicle km/hour
sats_gl Count of Glonass satellites
sats_gps Count of GPS satellites
sats_gal Count of Galileo satellites
sats_comp Count of Compass satellites
sats_beid Count of Beidou satellites
sats_dor Count of DORIS satellites
sats_irnss Count of IRNSS satellites
sats_qzss Count of QZSS satellites
hdop Horizontal Dilution of Precision
pdop Position Dilution of Precision
prec_info Additional high-precision navigation status (bit field)
cell_id Cell tower ID
lac Location area code
mcc Mobile country code
mnc Mobile network code
rx_level Received Signal Strength Indicator
lbs_time Last time received LBS seconds since 01.01.1970
rs485fuel_tempХ Fuel temperature from rs485/BLE, X - sensor nuber °C
tpms_pressure_Х Pressure in the X wheel
tpms_temp_Х Temperature in the X wheel °C
tacho_active_driverХ Х driver's activity
tacho_slotХ Х driver's card slot status
tacho_mode Mode of operation of the tachograph
tacho_state Status flags from tachograph (bit field)
tacho_speed Speed from tachograph km/hour
tacho_odom Odometer from tachograph km
tacho_time Time from tachograph seconds since 01.01.1970
dm_status Current state of the driver taken from the display module
dm_mess_n Index of last received message
time_shift Increment of time relative to the previous message sec
acc_x Linear acceleration along the X-axis
acc_y Linear acceleration along the Y-axis
acc_z Linear acceleration along the Z-axis
thld_duration Time of the duration of the acceleration or deceleration threshold exceeding sec
wln_accel_max Maximum value of the positive acceleration for the period g
wln_brk_max Maximum value of the negative acceleration for the period g
wln_crn_max Maximum value of the angular acceleration for the period g
p_countХ Counter data of passenger traffic
autoinf_status Status of the answering machine (bit field)
last_geo_id ID of the last geofence
last_stop_id ID of the last bus stop
cur_route_id ID of the current route
camera_status Status of camera (bit field)
status2 Device status 2 (bit field)
modules_st3 The status of functional modules 3 (bit field)
connection_st Connection status (bit field)
accel_st The state of the virtual sensors of the accelerometer (bit field)
int_tilt_sens_local Internal tilt sensor. Angle relative to local vertical °
int_tilt_sens_pitch Internal tilt sensor. Pitch angle relative to the plumb line °
int_tilt_sens_roll Internal tilt sensor. Roll angle relative to the plumb line °
ext_tilt_sens_x External tilt sensor. X-axis deviation °
ext_tilt_sens_y External tilt sensor. Y-axis deviation °
ext_tilt_sens_z External tilt sensor. Z-axis deviation °
wln_vert_max Maximum value of the vertical acceleration for the period g
wln_spd_max Maximum value of speed for the period km/hour
thld_spd_st State of speed thresholds (bit field)
thld_accel_st State of acceleration thresholds (bit field)
thld_brk_st State of decceleration thresholds (bit field)
thld_left_crn_st State of the acceleration thresholds to the left (bit field)
thld_right_crn_st State of the acceleration thresholds to the right (bit field)
thld_vert_st State of the thresholds of vertical acceleration (bit field)
hp_tempХ High-precision temperature sensor, X - sensor nuber °C
hp_humidityХ High-precision humidity sensor, X - sensor nuber %
flowsens_feed_mode Fuel flow sensor. Operating mode of the camera "Feed"
flowsens_return_mode Fuel flow sensor. Operating mode of the camera "Return"
flowsens_cons_mode Fuel flow sensor. Engine operating mode by flow rate
flowsens_pwr_mode Fuel flow sensor.Power mode
flowsens_st Fuel flow sensor. State (bit field)
flowsens_fault Fuel flow sensor. Information on faults
flowsens_total_cons Fuel flow sensor. Total fuel consumption liter
flowsens_trip_cons Fuel flow sensor. Fuel consumption per trip liter
flowsens_flow_spd Fuel flow sensor. Current flow rate liter/hour
flowsens_feed_cons Fuel flow sensor. The total fuel volume of the camera "Feed" liter
flowsens_feed_flow_spd Fuel flow sensor. Current flow rate of the camera "Feed" liter/hour
flowsens_feed_temp Fuel flow sensor. Temperature of the camera "Feed" °C
flowsens_return_cons Fuel flow sensor. The total fuel volume of the camera "Return" liter
flowsens_return_flow_spd Fuel flow sensor. Current flow rate of the camera "Return" liter/hour
flowsens_return_temp Fuel flow sensor. Temperature of the camera "Return" °C
fridge_st Fridge. State (bit field)
fridge_tempХ Fridge. Temperature of the refrigerator in section Х °C
fridge_set_tempХ Fridge. Temperature set for section Х °C
fridge_outside_temp Fridge. Outside temperature °C
fridge_coolant_temp Fridge. Coolant temperature °C
fridge_pwr_vlt Fridge. Battery voltage V
fridge_pwr_cur Fridge. Battery Current A
fridge_eng_moto_hours Fridge. Working hours from the engine hour
fridge_elec_moto_hours Fridge. Working hours from the electric motor hour
fridge_fault_count Fridge. Amount of faults
fridge_faultХ Fridge. Fault code. X - fault number, 1 - the most importand
fridge_engine_mode Fridge. Engine operating mode
fridge_engine_rpm Fridge. Engine speed rpm
fridge_comp_mode Fridge. Compressor configuration
geo_st Information on the location in geofences (bit field)
can_info_st CAN. Status Flags (bit field)
can_security_evt CAN. Security state events (bit field)
can_alarm_st CAN. Emergency indicators (bit field)
can_fault_st CAN.Information on faults (bit field)
can_fault CAN. Fault code.
engine_hours_work Custom work hours 1 (work under load) hour

Diagnostic information

user_1u_X Custom parameter 1 byte, X - parameter number
user_2u_X Custom parameter 2 byte, X - parameter number
user_4u_X Custom parameter 4 byte (unsigned), X - parameter number
user_4f_X Custom parameter 4 byte (float IEEE 754), X - parameter number
user_8u_X Custom parameter 8 byte (unsigned), X - parameter number
user_8f_X Custom parameter 8 byte (float IEEE 754), X - parameter number

Download event_code table.

The format for parsing the response to the "UC" command is set in the object properties in the "UC format" field. Each parsed response field will be registered in the parameter "paramN", where N - parameter number. Fields are separated by a comma. To set the format for parsing the field, specify the number of bytes and then type:

int - signed integer

uint - unsigned integer

str - text

float - 4 byte float

double - 8 byte double

To skip necessary count of bytes, specify "-" sign before byte's count (in this case type not necessary). If byte order is inverted, specify "!" sign before byte's count.

Examle: "4int,-2,1uint" means to parse 4 bytes as signed integer to "param1", skip 2 bytes and parse 1 byte unsigned integer to "param2".

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