Termobox + Termostorage App

Geolid Service

TermoBox + Termostorage is a software and hardware complex for remote temperature control at stationary facilities. The solution combines the TermoBox device and the Termostorage web interface.

TermoBox is a mobile device for monitoring parameters of stationary units. The solution allows end-users to monitor changes in the unit temperature and sends alerts about the values beyond the permissible limits:

  • controls multiple parameters: temperature, humidity, etc.;
  • monitors such units as cold stores, warehouses, storage areas for perishable products, etc. The unit list synchronizes with Wialon;
  • transmits data from units with no or hard to get GSM connection;
  • features an information display in some modifications;
  • ensures remote setting;
  • can be enhanced with a certified temperature sensor at a customer’s request.

To start monitoring at the facility, all the end-user needs to do is to connect the device to the socket.

Termostorage is a web-based interface for remote temperature control at units:

  • provides access to data online and for a specified period;
  • enables setting the limits of critical temperature values;
  • sends notifications including emails, SMS, messages in the Telegram channel, in case the values go beyond the permissible limits;
  • features an intuitive interface on any PC and mobile device;
  • allows a customer’s employee or a monitoring operator’s specialist to adjust the parameters remotely;
  • working with the Elinje refrigeration unit sensors (Geolid Service), automatically changes the temperature control parameters following the changes in the operating mode of the refrigeration unit.

Language support

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