Monitoring cold chain fleet for transportation company

IoT project of the year 2021


CCN Transportación is a leading Mexican freight transportation company. To maintain its leading position on the market, the company wanted to establish complete control over its fleet, improve schedule compliance, and prevent profit loss and thefts.

CCN Transportación was also interested in accessing their fleet performance metrics and historical information for more grounded decision making.  


The solution called the TRM platform was designed and delivered by Cobertura Total en Telemetría (CTTMX), a Mexico-based telematics service provider. The solution allows CCN to track its operation in real-time and manage the fleet more effectively. 

The data from sensors, as well as the data from trackers, is sent to Wialon. There, it is conveniently shown, and from there, it is sent to the client’s ERP platform. 

A wide range of telematics equipment was used for the project: 

Now the CNN staff can easily detect the unit location, estimate its arrival time, and optimize the schedule.  

The solution calculates ETA (Estimated Time Arrival) and EDA (Estimated Distance Arrival), generates alerts and high-risk notifications, stores the data for statistics and deep-level reports, and much more. The TRM platform connects with the client’s different departments. For example:

  • the traffic department. They are in charge of planning trips and managing the fleet, and now they get information about the fleet performance. Once a trip has been uploaded to the system, they receive alerts in case of accidents, delays, or other events and promptly take adequate measures. By the end of the day, they have a full picture of their fleet daily performance, with indicators, KPI, and reports, and can assess the results and decide on further improvement;

  • the cold chain department. They use the solution to monitor the temperature in a vehicle, achieve better transportation conditions and detect temperature fluctuations.


By implementing the solution, the company got better performance from its fleet by knowing where their units are located, the estimated arrival times, and such.

Seamless integration

The solution was connected with the company’s ERP as well as with the third-party suppliers’ telemetry data.

Full control

The whole fleet of almost 300 vehicles is connected to the platform, allowing for on-the-spot decisions as well as company-wide analytics, KPI, and weak spots handling.


The company got additional profits from optimizing the fleet operations and from products preserved in quality condition thanks to temperature control.

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Company profile

Country: Mexico
IoT project of the year nomination: Cold chain transportation
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

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Wialon Hosting

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