Managing the multibrand refrigerated trucks fleet in Russia


LLC BTA is a transport company headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia. The largest Russian retail chains, food, and other goods manufacturers and distributors are among the company’s clients. The company has already been using Wialon but mostly to determine the location of its vehicles.

In 2019, they acquired new vehicles and started thinking about using the system’s analytical tools to control the transportation of goods that require specific temperature, the overall state of the fleet, as well as fuel consumption.

Notably, the new vehicles were already equipped with an alternative telematics system pre-installed by the supplier, and it was also considered for use. 


Despite the competition, the Wialon partner in Russia, Quarta Technologies, developed a telematics solution based on the iQFreeze hardware and Wialon GPS tracking platform.

  • In the first stage of the project implementation, the partners’ specialists equipped the refrigerator semi-trailers with the iQFreeze system and the fuel level sensors by the TechnoKom company. All the works were performed on the manufacturer’s territory.

Now the problems of losing or damaging the cargo were prevented with the help of notifications on temperature violations; high operating costs were reduced due to the received analytics data. Locator ensures comprehensive control for the customer; the problem of vehicle downtime caused by the undue maintenance was solved through the Wialon maintenance module.

  • In the next stage, vehicles with a pre-installed alternative telematics vehicle tracking system were connected to Wialon.
  • In the final stage, the fuel control system was configured remotely for the entire fleet. Integration with the fuel cards system used by the client allows viewing in the same window all the fuel data provided both by FLS (haulage truck and semi-trailer) and by fuel card. Thus, the client got automated retrieving and collection of the data both from the fuel supplier and Wialon, the detection of the group filling (haulage truck and semi-trailer), the filling past the tank, unauthorized filling (no payment with a fuel card), as well as the ability to upload data to third-party systems.  


Due to the solution, the company was able to achieve the following results

Up to 18%

Fuel expenses decreased.

Time savings

Due to the manual processes automatization, all operations are performed much faster.

More than $17,600

The customer saved this much after abandoning the expensive in-built temperature registrators in favor of the iQFreeze hardware. And this is only in the implementation stage.


It was impossible to monitor the refrigerators by different manufacturers with an alternative monitoring system.

Customer testimonial

P. Kolesnikov
Head of the Transport Department, BTA LLC, LLC BTA

Over the six months of the project implementation, the iQFreeze hardware enabled us to build a management system for a multibrand fleet. Moreover, the professional setting up of the Wialon platform allowed us to ensure the correct operational processes. Due to the Wialon powerful integration mechanisms, we connected to the system the vehicles we already had without any additional investments. We also were able to meet our customers’ requirements in regards to the data exchange.

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Company profile

IoT project of the year nomination: Cold chain transportation
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

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