Custom-built consolidated report for a transport monitoring system

IoT project of the year 2022

iot ptoject of the year 2022


The client is engaged in road construction. The total size of the fleet is 250 units of cargo and special equipment. The client already had a transport monitoring system connected, but he wanted to fix the following operational issues:

  • Before, the correct operation of the transport monitoring system was monitored by the customer's mechanic who had other responsibilities. He independently monitored his transport and, in case of malfunctions, contacted the operator's technical support. However, for various reasons, the work was not carried out with sufficient quality, which led to incorrect data. Monitoring was often carried out on a residual basis, which led to late detection of failures. This means that the monitoring system didn’t meet the needs for which it was purchased.

  • The qualification problem was also in place: the mechanic was not an expert in monitoring and often couldn’t even perform basic data validation, and therefore the data was often incorrect.

  • Opacity and complexity of control were an issue: due to the absence of any evaluation criteria, it was difficult to assess how well an employee works with the solution.


A Wialon partner from Central Asia, Cifrovaya Bezopasnost, developed a unique Wialon-based IT solution, AES-monitor, to help the company with their issues and use their transport monitoring system more effectively.

The app promptly analyzes the system performance by several parameters, such as:

  • voltage of the on-board network;
  • fuel data, absence of it or the ‘frozen’ numbers;
  • validity of coordinates data from the terminal;
  • online status of the terminal.

The app generates the resulting report based on the retrieved parameters. The report becomes the basis for the work of the technical support service. 

The program is an app inside Wialon, so the client’s employees don’t need to open other software and look into multiple tools to gather the data they need right now.

The implementation of the solution made it possible to establish regular tracking the operability of all elements of the transport monitoring system. The client has the opportunity to quickly identify a system failure and respond to it in time. All cases of equipment failure now have their footprint and can be retrieved at any time.

The development of the solution was ordered by the head of the company, as they suspected the mechanic of inefficient work with the transport monitoring system. Initially, the customer's designated mechanic was not interested in increasing the transparency of his work and resisted its implementation. After the tool had been introduced, the mechanic lost an opportunity to avoid working with the platform.The solution made it possible to identify, among other things, his poor-quality work and replace him with another employee. After that, the solution was implemented into the daily business process, and the staff expenses were optimized.

Technical support for the solution is provided by a dedicated employee on working days and during the business hours.


Thanks to the project, the company was able to review the status of their fleet in real-time with less effort. What is more, the customized report allowed for fleet management analysis and highlighted the weak points in the company’s processes, and facilitated staff changes in the company.

+33% system efficiency

The client reported the transport monitoring system efficiency increase from 65% to 98% in two months since the implementation of the solution.

40+ fuel drains prevented

In two months, more than 40 cases of fuel drains on equipment were identified and promptly prevented thanks to the fleet fuel monitoring feature.

$35,000 saved

Average monthly fuel costs were reduced by more than 7%, from 720 to 668 tons of diesel fuel – in just two months.

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IoT project of the year nomination: Home and office services
Business sphere: Construction
Monitoring unit: Construction machinery

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