Fuel management system for concrete transport trucks in Slovakia

IoT project of the year 2021

IoT project of the year 2021


RBR Betón, a.s. is a Slovakian company that produces and distributes concrete with its own fleet of 80 vehicles.

The client runs a network of 1000 liter diesel filling stations for its trucks. The stations used analog flow meters that were not precise. Workers took advantage of it and stole liters of fuel. The client was losing approximately 800 liters per month.

RBR Betón, a.s. wanted to install more precise flow meters that would be easy to use and calibrate.


Mimicar s.r.o. proposed a solution featuring G-Flow flow meters with pulse output and a control part that authorizes fuelings. Every fuel transaction is recorded and transmitted to Wialon. Thanks to the attached RFID tags, the integrator’s custom application assigns fuelings to each vehicle so that the client would be able to compare fuel consumption in reports.


GPS trackers connected to fuel sensors allow operators to gather real-time fueling information, detect company fuel misuse and make fuel theft obvious and quick to spot. 

Mimicar s.r.o.’s solution has attracted other fleet owners, and the telematics service provider has already received 25+ new orders. The integrator continues to develop the solution; now, it is available in two versions: for 230V AC and 12-24V DC power supply.


Precise tracking of fuel consumption at filling stations doesn’t leave space for any fraud or theft, saving the company's money.

Precise fuel control

The solution compares fuel usage year on year and shows peaks and troughs in demand for fuel.

800 liters/month

This much fuel is saved thanks to the implementation of the solution.

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Company profile

Country: Slovakia
IoT project of the year nomination: Fuel transportation and storage
Business sphere: Construction

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