Ensuring driver safety during vehicle testing in Brazil

IoT project of the year 2021

Banner IoT project of the year 2021


Centro Tecnológico Randon (CTR) is a unique technological center located in Farroupilha, Serra Gaúcha. It offers an automotive proving ground for field tests on an area of more than 90 hectares. The company’s territory boasts more than 20 types of runways 15 kilometers in total, with the most different pavements and specific irregularities. 

Manufacturers of trucks, buses, passenger cars, motorcycles, road implements, off-road vehicles, and auto parts test their new models here. 

CTR wanted to ensure drivers’ safety during field tests and receive notifications in case of an accident 24/7. Due to a frequent vehicle change on CTR’s territory, quick equipment installation was of utmost importance.


Rastreasul, a Brazilian telematics service provider, was contracted for the project. Its solution uses a plug-and-play type of equipment that is simple to plug in, use, and change. The devices connect to the OBD II onboard computer system and send location data to the GPS monitoring platform.

The solution relies on Wialon’s functionality:

  • real-time vehicle monitoring. The clients’ staff always know a unit location and how it is moving on the track;
  • geofences that help quickly localize a vehicle, define high and low-risk areas, and set up alerts;
  • notifications that inform users when and where a vehicle is parked, whether its engine is on/off, etc.


The solution allows the company to track any vehicles on the testing tracks and quickly receive notifications about accidents, which in the end may save the test driver’s life.

In their plans, CTR and Rastreasul want to enable the system to read vehicle data from the CAN bus. First of all, it should cover electric vehicle testing. 

Up to 5 minutes

The maximum time needed to receive a notification about an accident.

12 minutes

This is what it takes to react to an accident and provide first aid to the driver.

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Company profile

Country: Brazil
IoT project of the year nomination: Public safety
Business sphere: General fleets
Monitoring unit: Cars

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