Fleet GPS tracking system for Thailand Post Distribution

IoT project of the year 2022

iot ptoject of the year 2022


Thailand Post Distribution Co is an affiliate company of Thailand Post. Thailand Post Distribution provides a total logistics solution to increase capability of Thailand Post services and is a complete transportation and distribution service provider. While raising the service level and proficiency to become an international transportation provider, the company needed to solve a bunch of issues so that their fleet performance becomes better:

  • It was necessary to ensure that only authorized employees drive the post vehicles. Also, Thailand government requires that logistics companies in all their heavy commercial vehicles must have driver identification solution. 
  • One of the client’s concerns was cargo thefts and hijackings. 
  • Thailand Post also wanted to optimize fuel consumption.
  • The client required a driver behavior scoring system to secure staff, vehicles, and cargoes. In particular, they needed to track overspeeding, harsh braking, and acceleration.

fleet GPS tracking

The company's fleet consists of various vehicles, from pickup trucks to 18-wheel trailers


Xsense, Thailand, specializes in fleet GPS tracking services. Xsense teamed up with Ruptela, Lithuania, to enforce the fleet GPS tracking system with reliable customized hardware. By the end of the project implementation, the GPS tracking services provider plans to equip 3,100 client’s vehicles.

  • The client can access the vehicle location and other telematics data collected from Ruptela’s hardware in the Xsense fleet GPS tracking system.

  • Ruptela complemented its PRO5 GPS tracker with an MCR (Thailand Magnetic Card Reader) and voice playback hardware. The MCR accessory allows the client to identify drivers and cope with vehicle misuse or thefts. The voice playback solution alerts the drivers when overspeeding, harsh braking or acceleration. It helps drivers improve their driving skills. Moreover, careful driving results in reduced fuel consumption. The system also informs about violations like overspeeding. The voice alerts won’t stop until the driver slows down.

  • Drivers receive repeated voice alerts about the necessity to authorize using MCR. Thanks to the feature, the drivers won’t forget to authorize when starting a trip.

  • The Xsense fleet GPS tracking system generates reports on violations allowing the client to learn when and where uncareful driving took place.

fleet GPS tracking system

Tracking vehicles via the Xsense fleet GPS tracking system

Ruptela helps configure the client's devices; it allows the customer to save time installing the required hardware quicker. The client’s employees go through the onboarding process with Ruptela’s FAEs (Field Application Engineers), who show how to install devices, provide documentation, and keep in touch during the whole onboarding period. Ruptela also keeps a 24/5 multi-language support team and offers documentation for the voice playback hardware.


The fleet GPS tracking solution offered by Ruptela allowed Xsense to provide its client Thailand Post with a full-fledged vehicle fleet management system with features requested by the organization.

Authorized vehicle use

The MCR helped cope with unauthorized vehicle use. Now, the client knows who and when drives the organization’s vehicles. Besides, the project is now compliant with the local requirements.

Fewer theft cases

The authorization system helped reduce theft cases. The client can also track vehicle location and take action immediately in case theft is suspected.

Improved driver behavior

The voice playback-based driver monitoring system helps the client’s employees drive more carefully, securing the vehicles and cargoes.

Reduced fuel consumption

Careful driving, in turn, contributes to reduced fuel consumption.

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Company profile

Country: Thailand
IoT project of the year nomination: Local deliveries
Business sphere: General fleets

Implemented hardware

Ruptela PRO5

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