Electronic cargo tracking system and GPS truck monitoring for the Customs in Azerbaijan

IoT project of the year 2022

iot project 2022


The State Customs Committee, a governmental organization, Azerbaijan, sought a more effective GPS truck monitoring solution to improve its services and prevent violations. They needed to track their service vehicles, transit vehicles, and trucks with cargo entering the country and heading to customs. 

The organization already used an electronic cargo tracking system but wasn’t satisfied with its quality. 

  • The previous GPS truck tracking solution wasn’t effective enough against smuggling and customs duty evasion.
  • When the number of simultaneously tracked devices increased, it often led to lags in the system.
  • The developer of the GPS truck monitoring platform couldn’t add the features that the client needed, or the development process took too much time.


The Wialon partner A+A Security, Azerbaijan, provided the State Customs Committee with the electronic cargo tracking system that operates sustainably and helps the organization detect violators.

  • The solution comprises the Jointech JT709a electronic locks, Teltonika FMC130 GPS trackers, the Wialon platform, and a tracking app developed by A+A Security.
  • Wialon processes the telematics data collected from electronic locks and trackers. Then, it sends a request to the truck monitoring app if specific events occur, e.g., the vehicle is out of the track/back to the track, the lock is opened/closed, idling for too long, idling out of the track, entering a specific area, low energy, etc. 
  • Wialon allows the creation of geofences for specific zones. The GPS truck monitoring app gets the data on them thanks to the API. Notifications inform the client when vehicles enter/leave specific geofences.
  • The truck monitoring app developed by A+A Security processes the incoming notifications and provides the customer with real-time information on vehicles, historical data analysis, and reports.

GPS truck monitoring

The solution’s monitoring tab

  • The partner also integrated the client’s ERP system with the truck monitoring app.

When a truck with goods arrives in the country, the employee enters the required data about the vehicle and cargo into the ERP system and selects a GPS lock ID. Then, the selected GPS lock is automatically activated in the GPS truck monitoring app. The app moves the device into a specific device group, and vehicle tracking starts: telematics data is sent to the app, and notifications get activated. 

The A+A Security company provides technical support for the project and answers the client’s questions outside working hours.


The electronic cargo tracking system implemented by A+A Security fully covers the requirements of the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan. It helps the organization track its service vehicles and trucks with cargoes entering the country from abroad.

Obstacles to smuggling and customs duty evasion

The GPS truck tracking solution leaves no way for smuggling and duty evasion thanks to the combination of electronic locks and trackers, Wialon, and the tracking app developed by A+A Security.

Stable performance

The electronic cargo tracking system can cope with the increased number of vehicles tracked simultaneously without lags.

Tailored to the client

The organization can take advantage of the GPS truck tracking solution tailored to its needs and request the development of new features.

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Country: Azerbaijan
IoT project of the year nomination: Public safety
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

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