Monitoring oil transport vehicles in Africa


The client, an African oil transportation company, had issues with monitoring its vehicles on roads. They decided to part ways with their current connectivity and monitoring services provider for several reasons:

  • The tracking solution that the client-company used didn’t imply real-time data sending. Besides, the customer often faced low coverage issues.
  • The system didn’t have functionalities for preventing fuel theft.
  • The client needed a solution that would equip vehicles with driver control to avoid accidents and reduce fuel consumption.


Our integrator, Tazi360, joined forces with the connectivity provider BICS and offered a Wialon-based solution that eliminated the client’s monitoring problems.

  • The combination of BICS and Wialon ensures continuous receiving of the GPS signal, stable and fast network connection. BICS' SIM for Things was adopted byTazi360 to employ connectivity based on GSM technology with two networks per country in the sub-region where they operate. It ensured premium coverage and redundancy, and access to a web-based interface, allowing them to manage and control their connectivity in real-time.
  • Tazi360 used the Ruptela FM-Eco4+S GPS tracker in the project.
  • Geofences surround certain areas: prohibited places, road sections with speed limits, and routes. If the system detects violations, the customer gets alarm messages.
  • Notifications warn the client about the cases when drivers deviate from predefined routes. Overspeeding, night driving, idling, harsh driver behavior like hard acceleration and heavy braking, fuel thefts and refueling, stopping in the prohibited areas – these actions won’t go unnoticed. The system also informs dispatchers about the loss of a signal and when a unit enters a geofence zone or leaves it.

The map with the list of violations

The map with the list of violations

  • The system generates various types of reports: analytics on fuel consumption with graphs including refueling and thefts; trips, driver behavior violations, driving at night, and failed connection.
  • The integrator installed fuel tank level sensors that allow the customer to detect fuel thefts. 
  • Wialon’s eco-driving functionality helps control driver behavior and, as a result, reduce fuel consumption and extend the service life of the equipment.
  • Tazi360 employed a software development provider to integrate an accounting system Sage with Wialon via API.



$45,000 saved monthly

The solution allowed the customer to reduce fuel consumption by 40% (approx. $ 45,000 a month).


Driver behavior control helps prevent road accidents and extend the service life of vehicles.

Real-time data

The customer has real-time data always at hand. The connected units are permanently online.

Prevention of crime

Fuel tank level sensors help detect fuel thefts. Drivers know about it and don’t attempt to steal fuel.

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Company profile

Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Raw material

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Ruptela FM Eco4 S

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