Fuel control on a bulk carrier ship in Russia



A bulk carrier has one big tank catering for two engines, two diesel generators, and a heating boiler. The overall fuel consumption depends on the work of each of these units. To get the exact numbers and optimize the consumption, it is vital to understand which of the elements are actually working and in what mode. But because of the ship’s characteristics, it is not enough just to install a fuel level sensor or a flow meter.


The partner equipped each element consuming fuel with DFM fuel flow meters with CAN S6 interface. Five flow meters were connected to Galileosky 5.0 GPS tracker through a single telematics bus.

The data on hourly and total consumption for each engine in different modes and their operating hours are transferred to GPS tracking platform Wialon through the tracker. Additionally, the dispatcher gets the info on the fuel temperature and engine rotation speed. It is displayed in Sensolator web-application in the form of charts, bars, and pointer indicators, so the dispatcher has a digital control panel to monitor the sensors and flow meters values in real time.




Fuel consumption was reduced by half: 10 tons for a two-week trip instead of 20

Paid off

The cost of equipment and works on the installation paid off already during the very first trip with the fuel monitoring system.

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Business sphere: Water transportation
Monitoring unit: Dry cargo carriers

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Galileosky v 5.0
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