GPS/GLONASS control system for yacht racing competitions

IoT project of the year 2021



The Cruising and Racing Yacht Association is a regional public fitness and sports organization in St. Petersburg. The association strives to popularize the cruising-racing class of yachts.

While holding water competitions, the organization faced some problems:

  • Lack of a single service for receiving the necessary information and tracking the location of yachts during the competition.
  • Spectators could not keep track of the competition if yachts were not in sight or if a spectator could not arrive at the venue.
  • There were controversial moments when determining the winner.


The Wialon partner, Geoservice from Russia, offered a flespi-based solution that enables yacht tracking in real time.

  • They developed a special monitoring service and integrated it with the association’s official website. The service is a live map showing the location of competing yachts, their routes, speed, up-to-date weather information, etc. Now, anyone can track the movement of regatta participants during the competition.
  • Sailing yachts were equipped with Teltonika FMB202 water-resistant trackers, which ensure the transmission of GPS data to the system.
  • Within the solution, flespi is responsible for consolidating telematics data and transferring it to the interface using REST API.


The Geoservice specialists developed a single solution that allows the competition organizers and participants to receive online information on the regatta’s progress.


The system monitors the position of yachts. In the case of force majeure, competitors can get assistance quickly.


Anyone can track the competition’s progress on the online map.

Accurate data

Data on the location and routes of yachts eliminates disputes about the competition results.

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IoT project of the year nomination: Security personnel
Business sphere: Water transportation

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Implemented hardware

Teltonika FMB202

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