Fuel monitoring system for vessels using Wialon


The client is a company that operates in the maritime shipping industry. It has faced the challenge of inefficient boat fuel consumption management. The lack of a comprehensive fuel monitoring system for vessels led to suboptimal fuel distribution and, as a result, increased operational costs. To solve this problem, the company contacted Geoservice, the experienced telematics service provider and the Wialon partner in Central Asia.

Earlier, the customer had attempted to optimize fuel consumption using telematics. Flow meters, fuel level sensors, and Galileo terminals were installed on the vessels. Fuel information was displayed in the GPS tracking system. Still, it was impossible to monitor the data directly on board in real time because the internet is not always available in open seas. The client’s standard systems were also unable to display data from external sensors. This prompted the client to look for a marine fuel management solution that would allow vessel fuel monitoring directly in the cabin and in real time.


As part of the project, a marine fuel monitoring system was developed. The system collected data from nine flow meters and two fuel level sensors installed on the vessels for accurate inventory control. The Galileosky 7x Hub GPS terminal and the Modbus RTU RS485 communication protocol were used for data transmission. For efficient operation, Bluetooth Low Energy technology was also used to minimize energy consumption by transmitting only short volumes of data, which is crucial in maritime operating conditions.

To enable engineers to receive online data directly on board and use this information for boat fuel management, the Wialon partner created a universal application for Android devices that can work on the local monitors in the cabin. The application shows real-time information about the fuel consumption of the boat, its current location, and the direction of movement. For convenience, it also automatically connects to previously used devices.

Mobile application for fuel consumption control on vessels

Mobile application for fuel consumption control on vessels

Thus, vessel engineers receive fuel data as follows: data is taken either from the Galileo terminal when there is no internet and the application is offline, or from the Wialon system when the internet connection is available.

Vessel engineers monitor fuel consumption on boats in real time when the application is connected to the internet

Vessel engineers monitor fuel consumption on boats in real time when the application is connected to the internet


The Wialon partner successfully implemented the client's requests by providing a comprehensive marine fuel management system, an effective tool for online fuel consumption control.

Online fuel monitoring system for vessels

Engineers can control fuel consumption directly on board and use this information for vessel management and immediate actions as the data is displayed on local monitors in real time.

Remote tracking

Thanks to the remote tracking capability, the client has up-to-date information about their fleet: they can see where the vessels are at any given moment and how much fuel is left on them.

Convenient data analysis using Wialon

All vessel fuel consumption data is sent to the Wialon platform. There, it can be analyzed and visually presented in a user-friendly format as a report.

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