Motorcycle monitoring in Benin

IoT project of the year 2021


Gozem is an Uber-like company operating in multiple African countries including Benin. It also leases bikes for people who are willing to work as drivers. Due to certain peculiarities of the local mentality, the company faced a number of challenges:

  • If the driver is unable to pay his leasing fees, he must return the motorcycle back to Gozem. The company wants to make sure it’s returned, that’s why it needs to know the bike’s location. It also needs the bike’s location if the driver decides to simply steal the vehicle.
  • According to Gozem’s statistics, up to 25% of new accounts for drivers have been created to get a phone and a helmet that are provided for each new driver. Once drivers get them, they disappear. In this case, location tracking is also needed.
  • For the first trip, drivers get a financial bonus. Very often they take their friends as passengers, get the bonus but don’t travel anywhere. It’s important for the company to understand that the trip was made.
  • Gozem wants to know that its bike is used within the specified area. It can’t travel to another location until the leasing fee is repaid.


The Wialon partner in Benin, Sli Afrika, offered the solution that demanded installing the WeTrack 2 device on each motorcycle. It is compact and has an immobilization relay. The budget-friendly tracker with basic functionality and engine immobilization helps effectively control the bike and its location within the allowed area: the device sends location data to Wialon where it is displayed in a convenient way (on the map, in reports).


Wialon is used to build reports for the company’s management that show general statistics (for example, the number of times the unit left the geofence). Geofences are created to make sure vehicles don’t leave operational areas. Notifications are triggered in case anyone tries to remove the device. It leads to the external power cut-off and engine immobilization.


The partner plans to do integration with the customer's ERP system. It’s the next project’s milestone. This integration is necessary as Gozem works not only in Benin but in other African countries as well.


Now the customer can see the motorcycle’s location, make sure it doesn’t leave the operational area, there is an engine immobilization relay as well that gives full control of the motorcycle: in case of fraud, the client’s dispatchers can stop the engine instantly and find and retrieve the vehicle.

Online monitoring

The client is sure that the motorcycles are safe.

Remote control

The engine can be immobilized remotely when the motorcycle is being stolen or is leaving the restricted area.

Fraud prevention

The company knows that its bikes are used as they are supposed to and doesn’t lose money on bonuses and stolen helmets and bikes.

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Company profile

Country: Benin
IoT project of the year nomination: Public transport
Business sphere: Passenger transportation
Monitoring unit: Passenger vehicle

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

WeTrack 2
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