Monitoring taxi fleets


A large leasing company had troubles with managing its vehicle fleet. Customer’s clients – taxi aggregators – don’t offer such services. The company representatives wanted to: 

  • track the location of vehicles;
  • control the fuel level;
  • monitor the driving style;
  • use the routing function;
  • analyze sensors parameters;
  • work with geofences.


Our partner, Expert Telematics, developed a complex Wialon-based telematics solution according to customer technical requirements. Specialists used: Wialon + Galileosky 7.0 Lite + Starline engine locking relay.

  • Galileosky 7.0 Lite is a compact tracker used to control all the vehicle’s elements (headlights, doors, engine, etc.). It sends the data received from sensors and other devices to GPS fleet tracking system Wialon.
  • Starline engine locking relay is distinguished by its low energy consumption; moreover, it prevents overloading and damaging the tracker’s outputs. 
  • Wialon was integrated with the software of the security company. It allows dispatchers to send and receive alarm messages and send the emergency response services to deter thieves.



2 car thefts

were prevented and the company retained its resources and time

Reducing the project cost

as only middle-end equipment was used

The customer provides only the requirements

while our partner handles the rest, including the integration with a third-party systems

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Company profile

Business sphere: Passenger transportation
Monitoring unit: Taxi

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Galileosky 7x
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