Monitoring of passenger flow with Wialon in Colombia


A large transportation B2B company from Colombia turned to a Gurtam partner, GPS Control, to develop a solution for their clients. They needed to control the passenger flow consisting of 2500 employees, who use 70 buses. The client did not know the exact number of passengers for each ride, and the company did not want to pay for those who were supposed to take a bus but didn’t. The boarding process was slow and inefficient because drivers recorded the number of passengers manually. There were inaccuracies in their notes, which resulted in payment errors and financial losses for the client.


GPS Control, a partner of Gurtam, developed a customized telematics solution using the opportunities of telematics and applied the following components to the project: Wialon + RFID tags + GPS trackers.

  • Each of the 2500 employees received an RFID tag, and the buses were equipped with RFID readers connected to trackers. 
  • The RFID codes of all employees were uploaded to Wialon – Gurtam developers wrote a special script for this purpose.  
  • The information received from the trackers is sent to the GPS fleet monitoring system. There, with the help of the Passengers module, it is processed and sent to the managers in the form of reports. GPS Control automated the process by configuring the Jobs module to send the information on a weekly basis. Reports help to make decisions about canceling, adding, or changing the routes.


The following results were achieved by the Colombian transportation company with the help of the Wialon-based solution:


Customer expenses were reduced, as the company pays only for those people who actually got on a bus.


The boarding process became faster and more efficient thanks to employee identification and info registration.


Reports help to make decisions about canceling, adding, or changing routes.


The entire transparency of the system increased, and as a result, the end-user of the solution is more willing to pay for the transportation services provided.

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Company profile

Country: Colombia
Business sphere: Passenger transportation
Monitoring unit: Passengers

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Wialon Hosting
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