Staff transport management system for a garment company in Sri Lanka

IoT project of the year 2022

iot ptoject of the year 2022


Brandix Apparel is the largest garment exporter in Sri Lanka, contributing to over 3% of the country's GDP. The company uses over 1000 vehicles managed by 23 business units to pick up around 20,000 employees on a scheduled basis and to transport staff upon request when they have to travel between the business units, visit customers/suppliers, etc. The company sought an employee transport management solution to facilitate corporate transport management.

  • Brandix Apparel rents its fleet from multiple vehicle owners who are paid monthly at a pre-agreed kilometer-based rate. Vehicle owners provide mainly a single vehicle. Therefore the number of vehicle owners nearly equals the number of transport units. This circumstance considerably complicated transport management.
  • The company had to deal with 50,000 transport requests every month.
  • During the approved trips, vehicles were often misused. Without the employee transport management solution, it was hard to prove it. So, even when doubts arose, the dispute was usually resolved in favor of vehicle owners. 
  • When several employees from different departments traveled in the same direction, it was impossible to share trips as they were managed by independent teams in each business unit. Therefore, multiple vehicles got allocated for trips that could be shared, increasing unwanted expenses.
  • The budget for transportation was often exceeded, and the employee transport management could help the company set budgets and prevent overpayments.
  • The price for scheduled daily trips was fixed. Even if some employees were absent on certain days reducing the mileage, the payment for a trip would still be the same due to the complexity of calculations.


Brandix Apparel addressed the Wialon partner, KLOUDIP, Sri Lanka, for an employee transport management solution allowing the garment company to streamline corporate transportation.

The solution consists of the GOFER platform for staff transport management powered by flespi, the Wialon platform for GPS tracking and IoT, and Xirgo FMS500 Light and Concox GV26 trackers installed on all vehicles. This combination offers an impressive list of new features for the client:

  • A client’s employee requests vehicles via the GOFER employee transport management platform and waits for approval from the manager. After the trip has been approved, a dispatcher assigns it to a driver. The driver accepts the trip and drives to pick up the employee at the specified place.
  • Dispatchers can set up the bookings for recurring trips with multiple picking/drop points.
  • Based on estimated or actual mileage, drivers can be paid for the completed trips.
  • Employees can effortlessly order a shared trip. They just need to specify several picking points while making a request.
  • Managers can see the trips pending approval, estimated distance, estimated cost, trip's start location, and end location.
  • If the trip was rejected, the employee receives a notification with a reason.
  • The dispatcher can filter by a driver at any time and select completed trips to pay by actual or pre-estimated mileage.
  • The employee transport management platform allows setting up a budget for transportation. If the cost of the trip exceeds the budget, it will be rejected. 
  • GOFER has been integrated with Wialon to provide the client with GPS tracking data and information on driver behavior.

KLOUDIP organized training sessions for every client’s business unit distributed across four user types: passengers, managers, dispatchers, and drivers. 

The Wialon partner also created training videos to help client’s employees effectively use the employee transport management platform. Users can access them on demand when they need to learn how to use certain GOFER features. 

KLOUDIP introduced a support ticket system to deal with the client’s issues and questions.


The solution provided by KLOUDIP has considerably facilitated corporate transport management for Brandix Apparel. The solution improves not only staff transportation, but all the activities associated with it: booking, optimizing, payments, budgeting, control, and transparency for all the parties involved.

12,500$ saved per month

Thanks to rejected unimportant trips, reduced misuse cases, and accurate distance calculation, including the cases when a driver covers fewer kilometers because of absent passengers on scheduled daily trips.

Following the budget

Employee transport management with GOFER includes automatic trip blocking when the costs exceed the budget. Previously, the passengers had to pay drivers even if the trip exceeded the budget.

No way for transport misuse

Managers and dispatchers can access all the trip information via the GOFER employee transport management platform and see if there were any deviations from the routes. Using vehicles for private trips or going over the top with trips is now easily detected and addressed.


No human errors happen as the solution eliminates manual calculations of driver payments by administrative personnel. Driver payments can be made instantly at any time with much less staff.

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Country: Sri Lanka
IoT project of the year nomination: Public transport
Business sphere: Passenger transportation
Monitoring unit: Passenger vehicle, Public transport

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