A scooter tracking system in the Netherlands

IoT project of the year 2022

iot project of the year 2022


The client, Scootpallet, is the largest rental company of electric mobility scooters in the Benelux region. Apart from city projects, they are also present in theme parks where visitors rent e-scooters to travel across the area.

Before, the client had to drive back and forth to the theme parks, look for their scooters and check the battery status to see if they had to charge it. This cost a lot of money, time, and effort. So the company decided to build a scooter tracking system.

The solution was expected to provide data and solve the following issues:

  • inform about the number of scooters rented; 
  • check the battery status of a mobility scooter and send notifications if it was time to recharge the battery;
  • update the exact location to track an electric scooter in real time and at any given moment;
  • send an alert if a scooter leaves a certain area;
  • allow the client to remotely turn on/off the scooters and the lights;
  • ensure access to shared fleet data 24/7 from any device and on the go;
  • cope with a quickly growing number of scooters in the fleet.


Our partner, HubLogiQ, has developed a scooter tracking system that provides full control over mobility scooters renting. 

For its hardware part, the telematics service provider selected affordable and scalable equipment with device management, an in-built relay and an RFID reader:

Before the project, the scooter rental company had worked with the Digital Matter devices. HubLogiQ transferred the existing equipment to the new solution. 

The data from scooters is sent to the Wialon platform. Part of the platform’s diverse functionality is used in the scooter tracking project:

  • Customer reports. They show daily battery status, a period within which a scooter is rented weekly, and so on. This way, the company always has up-to-date information about the amount of rented scooters. 
  • Notifications. The client receives alerts set up for different scenarios: low battery, scooter getting in/out of a certain zone, what speed it’s going at (high speed can signify that a scooter is stolen).
  • Geofences. The feature helps check the quantity of scooters in different locations: which mobility scooters are rented out at any given moment and which scooters are in the garage for maintenance.
  • Icons indicating the status of a scooter. An icon reacts to ignition sensor values and changes its color: it turns red when the scooter is rented and green when it’s available.

The client can also turn the lights and a scooter itself on and off remotely to reduce battery usage when someone has left the scooter on by accident. The control system ensures a longer battery life and the client needs to charge e-scooters less frequently.

The scooter tracking system allows the rental company to massively increase the number of scooters in the fleet, because the cloud-based system copes with any number of connected electric scooters. Now they have 130 scooters connected to the Wialon-based solution; in the future, the company is planning to increase the amount up to 500 units. This way, the client can grow faster, add scooters and efficiently manage any number of them.

tracked electric scooter

The client's fleet of tracked electric scooters

During the project implementation, HubLogiQ was in contact with the client via Whatsapp for fast replies to simple or urgent questions. For more important issues, they used the phone number or mail. HubLogiQ also provided training at the client’s location to show to their employees how to work with Wialon and the solution.


The scooter tracking system provides Scootpallet with full control over their shared mobility fleet.

Increased profits and savings

By knowing the battery status of a scooter and whether it’s available or not, Scootpallet rents out more scooters.

Better battery life control

Thanks to up-to-date information about batteries, a scooter is charged right when it’s needed. This minimizes a number of unnecessary recharges and maximizes battery life.

More efficient work

The company has 24/7 access to real-time data about the battery status and locations in Wialon for better planning, timely service, and proper maintenance of the scooter and the battery.

Saved man hours

Scootpallet doesn’t have to send their workers to the theme parks to check scooters. Instead, they rely on connected technologies that keep them updated on the status of their e-scooters.

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Company profile

Country: The Netherlands
IoT project of the year nomination: Public transport
Business sphere: Passenger transportation
Monitoring unit: Passenger vehicle

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