Monitoring passenger transport in Ukraine with NimBus


Kyiv Regional State Administration needed to control the transportation system in the Ukrainian capital and the Kyiv region, passengers needed help for using the transport efficiently and receiving online information on schedules and routes.  


Wialon partner in Ukraine, OVERSEER, together with a company-integrator Surbis LLC, developed a NimBus-based mobile application KyivBus, which helps to optimize the usage of public transport in Kyiv and the region.

KyivBus tracks buses online and provides information on the stops and schedules. 

  • Employees in administration use NimBus to manage buses, bus stops, schedules, and routes. Carriers also have access to this web application, so they can plan routes and assign buses to these routes. 
  • NimBus provides all the data to KyivBus via NimBus API. The mobile application can be downloaded from the app stores.  
  • Remote API enables the vehicle tracking solution to work with Wialon Local. Interaction with the GPS fleet monitoring system helps KyivBus to track the units’ location in real-time.


All the data is available

in the smartphone at any time

Time savings

for passengers

Effective collaboration

of regional administration and carriers

Improved quality of services

Now Regional State Administration, passengers, and carrier can monitor if the unit follows the route and take necessary measures in case some issues occur

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Company profile

Country: Ukraine
Business sphere: Passenger transportation
Monitoring unit: Public transport

Implemented products

Wialon Local
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