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Logistics Aggregator “Cargo and Transport” Ltd is engaged in rail transportation. In its activity, the company faced problems related to the shipping of goods from railway stations to customers. The delivery process was often divided into several steps. Trucks would pick up cargo at the station and take it to the first destination. Then, light vehicles would transport the goods up to the cities, and there small-scale private companies would deliver them to end customers. Each of these carriers had to be controlled, which means all vehicles had to be tracked to prevent cargo loss and ensure timely delivery.

Many rail carriers experienced similar problems. For this reason, LA “Cargo and Transport” Ltd came up with the idea of creating an aggregator platform that would facilitate the search of contractors for the delivery of goods from railway stations and help control the shipping.


The Wialon partner Expert Telematika has developed a logistics aggregator Cargo and Transport for LA “Cargo and Transport” Ltd. This service makes it possible not only to search for transportation contractors but also to track the shipping progress.

  • Expert Telematika has set up a multi-user platform that helps their customer’s clients track cargo transportation (motor vehicle, air, maritime, and river transportation) and cargo handling (storage, warehousing, packaging, cross-docking, delivery). The solution also includes loading and unloading control, an option of cargo and transport insurance, special machinery rent, and loader and odd-job man outsourcing for warehouses.

  • Both cargo end-users and contractors (forwarding agents, shipping companies, private carriers) use this platform. The former place orders and monitor the delivery process, and the latter select and fulfil orders.

  • All the vehicles are equipped with telematics devices collecting location data. Then, the information about vehicles goes to Wialon and is subsequently submitted to the Cargo and Transport platform where it’s available to the users. In addition, the solution uses Wialon reports.


Expert Telematika’s specialists have developed the solution that makes it possible to track and forward cargoes shippable by almost any mode of transport.

Complete cargo forwarding

The platform provides monitoring for all the processes related to cargo forwarding, including packaging, storage, loading/unloading, insurance, etc.

Single platform both for carriers and customers

It is now easy for the customers to find contractors to ship cargoes and for the carriers to get transportation orders.

Shipping progress control

Platform users can monitor cargo shipping at all stages.

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IoT project of the year nomination: Long-haul shipping
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

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