Rail transport control in the Middle East


After the military and the political situation in one of the countries of the Middle East stabilized, the Railways faced a problem of restoring regular railway lines. When the railway lines opened again, some issues appeared, though:

  • Trains’ monitoring systems were damaged;
  • Fuel thefts were often covered by the train engine’s high fuel consumption; 
  • Trains’ arrivals and departures were often delayed;
  • It was essential to know the train’s speed in the moment of accidents (that often occurred due to the absence of a special security barrier).
  • It was necessary to be able to monitor the train’s speed when passing the dangerous sections of the route (damaged bridges, for example).


Wialon partner, Integrated Solutions, offered to the Railways a complex solution with telematics products: GPS tracker Galileosky Base Block + Escort Bluetooth fuel level sensor + Wialon notification module + NimBus.

  • A tracker and a fuel level sensor were installed into every train to receive data on fuel fillings, thefts, and the total amount of fuel consumed. Now all the data is sent to GPS tracking platform Wialon, processed, and automatically sent to responsible parties in the form of reports;
  • To control schedule compliance, Wialon sends notifications to dispatchers in case of the trains late departures/arrivals, unauthorized stops, and arriving at a particular station;
  • With the help of Wialon SDK, the partner developed a customized interface to visualize data from each train in the form of charts; as for NimBus, it allows analyzing data through reports and, as a result, optimizing the work.



Control of fuel

and train speed consumption within different sections of the route

Budget savings

and investing them in industry recovery and development later

Reduced number

of accidents and expenses for them

The growing attractiveness of the state

as a business-friendly country

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