Train monitoring in Ireland


Irish Rail has contacted our partner GMT Connect to optimize the process of train maintenance and operation, as well as to save fuel costs. After detailed and careful analysis of working processes and taking into account the client’s demands, the integrator has defined the list of tasks as follows:

  • Monitor fuel – because of the factory-installed fuel level sensors breakdown, the client couldn’t detect the fuel level, and there was a risk of engine cutoff;
  • Fill up less frequently – as you can’t control the actual fuel level, you have to fill up the train every time it arrives at a depot which resulted in 1.5-hour time loss per each train;
  • Reduce idling time – train idling causes fuel losses because the drivers don’t stop the engine after the end of the shift so not to spend time on warming it up at the beginning of the next shift;
  • Control the trains remotely ensuring the monitoring of unforeseen stops and other force majeures on the way.


After careful examination of the current situation, GMT Connect has offered a complex telematics solution consisting of Wialon, DCT trackers (Digital Communication Technologies) and Technoton fuel level sensors.



Fuel consumption was reduced by 10% – the locos spend 30 liters less per 100 km


Idling time decreased by 80%


Labor costs decreased by 40%


From the Gurtam partner side – signing of the range of contracts for train monitoring in Ireland, Great Britain, and other countries of Western Europe

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Company profile

Country: Ireland
Business sphere: Railway
Monitoring unit: Trains

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Wialon Hosting
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