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GazNefteHolding LLC is engaged primarily in the storage of oil, gas, and their products as well as excavation, assembly operations, and other activities.

The customer wanted to quickly and correctly identify which driver used which vehicle (in the past or is using it now), that is to say for which vehicle they took responsibility. And the company’s fleet was as large as 232 vehicles.

Many customer’s clients asked for reports on the driver behavior because the fleet regularly carried hazardous and heavy cargoes requiring strict speed limit compliance. In case of violation, the perpetrator had to be identified.

Apart from the responsibility for the vehicle, the driver is accountable for the fuel consumed by the vehicle. Any underfill during refueling, fuel theft, or careless handling of the fuel also had to be detected, and someone had to take responsibility.


The Wialon partner 76 Oil Tyumen offered a solution that collected data from vehicles through telematics equipment and transmitted it to Wialon where it could be viewed in a convenient way.

To monitor which driver was responsible for a particular vehicle at the moment, the specialists chose to transmit data about an inserted card directly from the tachograph via a CAN bus. For vehicles with no tachograph, readers were installed, and drivers were given ID cards.

Galileosky trackers, Omnicomm fuel level sensors, contactless readers, and SHTRIH and VDO tachographs were used.

Project features

As the customer’s vehicles were in continuous operation, the partner’s specialists had only 2 to 3 hours to install the equipment, configure it, and check the algorithm performance. After that, vehicles were put into operation again. Harsh weather conditions did not make the job easier, either. The installation was taking place just 60 km to the south of the Arctic Circle during the winter and spring.


The customer has received a reliable system that allows them, at any time, to find out which driver operates which vehicle, to monitor fuel consumption, and to control speed rate.

Real-time monitoring

Location of all 232 vehicles in the fleet, driving behavior, and fuel consumption are displayed very clearly.


The obtained analytical data helps in decision-making.


Aware of the increased control, drivers handle resources entrusted by the company to them more carefully now.

Optimized operation

As a result of automation, the workload has decreased for employees responsible for driver control.

The control process itself has become simpler and now takes less time and effort.

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IoT project of the year nomination: Construction and demolition
Business sphere: Construction
Monitoring unit: Construction machinery, Drivers

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