Monitoring the dump truck load in Russia



The Wialon partner’s client specializes in the transportation of copper ore from Semyonovsky mine in Bashkiria. The company’s fleet consists of three Caterpillar 773E dump trucks and an excavator. One dump truck costs $744,000. The breakage of this machinery due to overload or long pauses in work often results in costly repairs.

The client contacted VESA SYSTEM, a service provider from Tatarstan, and asked to work out the solution that would allow tracking the dump truck load. The client planned to use this data for the optimization of the machinery load to prevent possible breakages and avoid repair costs in the future.


Upon the client’s request, the service provider offered a complex solution consisting of the following components: the VESA TRUCKLOAD onboard weighing system + GalileoSky Base block terminal + Wialon system

  • In the Caterpillar 773E dump truck, the integrator installed the GalileoSky Base block tracker and its own development, the VESA TRUCKLOAD weighing system. 

  • The satellite monitoring terminal was used to connect the system to Wialon.

The dump truck load monitoring in Wialon

The dump truck load monitoring in Wialon

  • The Wialon partner’s specialists configured the reporting taking into account the peculiarities of the dump truck work. The report automatically defines the place, loading/unloading time, distance, and cargo weight.

Reporting in Wialon

Reporting in Wialon


Everything started with the client’s desire to get a complex solution for tracking the dump truck load because the company was afraid that the machinery was often overloaded. However, the Wialon-based monitoring solution provided some unexpected results.

Reliable data

It turned out that the client didn’t overload but underloaded the machinery.

15% revenue growth

The carrier company decided to use more dump trucks. It allowed transporting more ore and increasing income.


The client is planning to install the system in the excavator to get more accurate data on the mining and loading of all three dump trucks.


A similar off-the-shelf system without its installation would cost at least $16,000. The current solution cost a little over $2,3.

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Company profile

Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Galileosky Base Block
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