Spetrotec i-Watcher AVL

Spetrotec i-Watcher AVL
Manufacturer: Spetrotec
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Number of units

Features Spetrotec i-Watcher AVL:
  • Blackbox
  • GLONASS support
Supported in Wialon:
  • ADC sensors
  • Remote management via GPRS
  • Digital sensors
  • SMS sending of data
  • Remote management via SMS
  • Communication via TCP

The following data should also be added to Spetrotec i-Watcher AVL unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software :

Device type: Spetrotec i-Watcher AVL
Unique ID: serial

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration Spetrotec i-Watcher AVL for use in Wialon Hosting :

Server port: 20824

16 units of Spetrotec i-Watcher AVL device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 0% of all AVL Hardware connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units
anti_jamming Provide indication of Anti Jamming event
battery_cut_off Specifies whether main power voltage was disconnected
battery_low Specifies whether main power voltage dropped below a predefined threshold value
battery_problem Specifies the condition of the battery backup
can_any_door Provides status of any doors of the vehicle
can_distance Provides indication of the total odometer
can_door_lock Car lock/unlock status provided by the CAN protocol
can_driver_door Provides status of driver door
can_fuel_level Provides indication of the vehicle fuel level
can_ign Ignition status provided by the CAN protocol
can_pass_door Provides status of passenger door
can_rear_door Provides status of rear door
can_rpm Provides indication of vehicle RPM rpm
can_speed Provides indication of the vehicle speed
can_state Provides status of ARM/DISARM of the vehicle
can_temp Provides indication of the vehicle temperature
can_trunk Provides the status of open/close of the trunk
cmd_ack Command acknowledgement
driver_behavior Driver behavior (0 - no event, 1 - accident motorcycle, more than 20 - bad behavior)
fms1_data1 lfc_engine_total_fuel_used
fms1_data2 dd_fuel_level_1
fms1_data3 eec1_actual_engine_percent_torque
fms1_data4 eec1_engine_speed
fms1_data5 hours_engine_total_hours_of_operation
fms1_data6 vi_vehicle_id
fms1_data7 fms_request_supported
fms1_data8 fms_diagnostics_supported
fms1_data9 fms_sw_version
fms1_data10 vdhr_high_resolution_total_vehicle_distance
fms1_data11 tco1_driv1_working_state
fms1_data12 tco1_driv2_working_state
fms1_data13 tco1_vehicle_motion
fms1_data14 tco1_driv1_time_rel_states
fms1_data15 tco1_driver_1_card
fms1_data16 tco1_vehicle_overspeed
fms1_data17 tco1_driv2_time_rel_states
fms1_data18 tco1_driver_2_card
fms1_data19 tco1_system_event
fms1_data20 tco1_handling_information
fms1_data21 tco1_tachgraph_performance
fms1_data22 tco1_direction_indicator
fms1_data23 tco1_tachogr_vehicle_speed
fms1_data24 et1_engine_coolant_temperature
fms1_data25 amb_ambient_air_temperature
fms1_data26 di_driver_1_2_id
fms2_data1 lfe_fuel_rate
fms2_data2 lfe_instantaneous_fuel_economy
fms2_data3 air1_service_brake_air_pressure_circuit_1
fms2_data4 air1_service_brake_air_pressure_circuit_2
fms2_data5 hrlfc_high_resolution_engine_total_fuel_used
fms2_data6 at1t1l_aftertreatment1_diesel_exhaust_fluid_tank_1_level
fms2_data7 fms1_telltale_current_block
fms2_data8-22 fms1_telltale_status_1-15[fms1_telltale_current_block]
fms2_data23 ccvs_parking_brake_switch
fms2_data24 ccvs_wheel_based_speed
fms2_data25 ccvs_cruise_control_active
fms2_data26 ccvs_brake_switch
fms2_data27 ccvs_clutch_switch
fms2_data28 ccvs_pto_state
fms2_data29 eec2_accelerator_pedal
fms2_data30 eec2_engine_percent_load
fms2_data31 vw_tire_location
fms2_data32 vw_axel_location
fms2_data33 vw_axel_weight
fms2_data34 serv_sevice_distance
fms2_data35 ptode_pto
fms2_data36 cvw_gross_combination_vehicle_weight
fms2_data37 erc1_retrader_torque_mode
fms2_data38 erc1_actual_retrader_percent_torque
fms2_data39 erc1_retrader_selection
fms3_data1 dc1_position_of_doors
fms3_data2 dc1_ramp_chair_lift
fms3_data3 dc1_status2_of_doors
fms3_data4 dc2_lock_status_door1
fms3_data5 dc2_open_status_door1
fms3_data6 dc2_enable_status_door1
fms3_data7 dc2_lock_status_door2
fms3_data8 dc2_open_status_door2
fms3_data9 dc2_enable_status_door2
fms3_data10 dc2_lock_status_door3
fms3_data11 dc2_open_status_door3
fms3_data12 dc2_enable_status_door3
fms3_data13 dc2_lock_status_door4
fms3_data14 dc2_open_status_door4
fms3_data15 dc2_enable_status_door4
fms3_data16 dc2_lock_status_door5
fms3_data17 dc2_open_status_door5
fms3_data18 dc2_enable_status_door5
fms3_data19 dc2_lock_status_door6
fms3_data20 dc2_open_status_door6
fms3_data21 dc2_enable_status_door6
fms3_data22 dc2_lock_status_door7
fms3_data23 dc2_open_status_door7
fms3_data24 dc2_enable_status_door7
fms3_data25 dc2_lock_status_door8
fms3_data26 dc2_open_status_door8
fms3_data27 dc2_enable_status_door8
fms3_data28 dc2_lock_status_door9
fms3_data29 dc2_open_status_door9
fms3_data30 dc2_enable_status_door9
fms3_data31 dc2_lock_status_door10
fms3_data32 dc2_open_status_door10
fms3_data33 dc2_enable_status_door10
fms3_data34 td_seconds
fms3_data35 td_minutes
fms3_data36 td_hours
fms3_data37 td_month
fms3_data38 td_day
fms3_data39 td_year
fms3_data40-43 as_alternator_status1-4
fms3_data44 etc2_selected_gear
fms3_data45 etc2_current_gear
fms3_data46 asc4_below_pressure_front_left
fms3_data47 asc4_below_pressure_front_right
fms3_data48 asc4_below_pressure_rear_left
fms3_data49 asc4_below_pressure_rear_right
gps_status GPS status (0 - no position, 2 - 2D fix, 3 - 3D fix)
gsm_link_quality Specifies GSM link quality (0 - no detectable, 1 - low, 2 - average, 3 - high)
ign Specifies ignition switch status (0 - off, 1 - on)
obd_data1 RPM
obd_data2 VSS
obd_data3 Fuel level
obd_data4 Engine temperature
proximity_card_N Provide indication of transmitting cards
pwr_ext Specifies current unit main power source V
speed_event Specifies whether vehicle / motorcycle exceeds predefined speed value
state Specifies current unit state (0 - parking, 1 - driving)
tilt Provide indication of Tilt event
total_distance Total distance
tow Provide indication of Tow event
trip_distance Distance that vehicle has passed during one trip

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