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Number of units


The following data should also be added to SSL-05 unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software :

Device type: SSL-05
Unique ID: custom

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration SSL-05 for use in Wialon Hosting :

Server port: 22076

11 units of SSL-05 device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 0% of all AVL Hardware connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units

Alarm (bitwise parameter, 1 - active, 0 - not active):
bit1 - Emergency alarm, triggering after touching the alarm switch
bit2 - Over Speed
bit3 - Fatigue Driving
bit5 - GNSS module malfunction
bit6 - GNSS antenna disconnection
bit7 - GNSS antenna short-circuit
bit8 - Device low battery
bit9 - Device power down
bit14 - Over Speed
bit15 - Fatigue Driving
bit21 - Entry and exit an area
bit22 - Entry and exit a route
bit25 - Vehicle VSS malfunctions


Status (bitwise parameter):
bit1 - 0: ACC off; 1: ACC on
bit2 - 0: No Position, 1: Positioned
bit5 - 0: operational status; 1: outage status
bit11 - 0: Vehicle oil-way is normal; 1: Vehicle oil-way is disconnected
bit12 - 0: Vehicle circuit is normal; 1: Vehicle circuit is disconnected
bit23 - 0: Electronic pulse signal is connected 1: Electronic pulse signal is disconnected
bit24 -
0: Pulse Mode, when the speed signal disconnected, the device will be in the limp mode(Limited by GPS speed 25km/h), there will be a signal disconnection alarm report, 1: GPS Mode, Normal speed limiting, no signal disconnection alarm report.
bit25 - 0: Close the blind zone, 1: Open the blind zone;

mileage Mileage km
mes_id Message ID

General Terminal Response, result:
0 - Success/affirm,
1 - fail,
2 - false message,
3 - not support

fuel_volume Oil level
speed_drvng_rec Speed acquired by the driving record function
alarm_event_id ID needed to manually confirm the alarm event
overspeed_alarm Additional information on over-speed alarm exist

Additional overspeed alarm info
0: no specific location
3: polygon area


Additional overspeed alarm info
Section ID, If the location type is 0, there is no field.

route_alarm Additional information on the entry/exit of areas/routes alarm exist

0 - entry,
1 - exit

gsm Wireless communication network signal strength
user_msg User msg
norm_spd_lim Normal speed limit threshold km/h
area_id The ID number of the current area where the vehicle enters in
curr_spd_lim Current area speed limit threshold km/h

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