Star Trek 200

Star Trek 200
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Number of units

Features Star Trek 200:
  • Built-in odometer
Supported in Wialon:
  • Accelerometer
  • Remote management via SMS
  • Communication via TCP

The following data should also be added to Star Trek 200 unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software :

Device type: Star Trek 200
Unique ID: imei

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration Star Trek 200 for use in Wialon Hosting :

Server port: 21676

2 units of Star Trek 200 device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 0% of all AVL Hardware connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units
sw_ver Software version
sw_date Software date
cpu_id_num ID number cpu
gsm_type_name GSM mode
gsm_imei GSM IMEI No.
sim_imsi Terminal SIM card IMSI No.
sim_iccid Terminal SIM card ICCID No.
car_type Vehicle type ID
vin Vehicle VIN code
total_distance Distance after installation of terminal software or distance recorded by dashboard km
total_fuel_consumption Total fuel consumption after installation of terminal software l
msg_num No. of message of command
func_id Function ID of command
result Resault of command. 0x00 - set succeeded, 0x01 - set default, 0XFF - format error.
trip_mark Trip Mark
acc_status ACC Status
alm_id Alarm ID in decimal.
vehicle_id Vehicle type ID
obd_prot_type OBD protocol type in decimal
acc_on_tm ACC ON Time
acc_off_tm ACC OFF Time

Trip Distance Type, 1 - OBD distance, 2 - GPS distance, 4 - Dashboard distance

trip_dist Trip Distance
trip_fuel_consum Trip Fuel Consum
trip_dur_total Trip Duration Total
trip_overspd_dur Trip Overspeed Duration
trip_overspd_tm Trip OverSpeed Times
trip_spd_avrg Trip Speed Average
trip_spd_max Trip Speed Maximum
trip_idle_dur Trip Idle Duration
trip_msk_brk Trip Mask of Braking
trip_num_brk Trip Number of Braking
trip_accel_tm Trip Accelerate times
trip_dccel_tm Trip Decelerate times
trip_sharp_tm Trip Sharp turn times
trip_miles_spd# Trip Miles Spd, where # :1 - less than 20Km/H, 2 - between 20-40Km/H,3 -between 40-60Km/H, 4 - between 60-80Km/H, 5 - between 80-100Km/H, 6 - between 100-120Km/H, 7 - Over 120Km/H
accel_total_tm Accelerate total times
dccel_total_tm Decelerate total times
sharp_total_tm Sharp turn total times
over_dur_total Overspeed Duration Total
idle_dur_total Idlespeed Duration Total
alarm_start_tm Start Time alarm
alarm_end_tm End Time alarm
alm_serial_num ALM Serial Num
alarm_last_tm Last Time alarm
idle_fuel_cons Idle Fuel Consume
idle_eng_spd_max Idle Engine Speed Max
idle_eng_spd_min Idle Engine Speed Min
over_spd_max_val OverSpeed Max Value
over_spd_dist OverSpeed Distance
cool_tmp_max Cool Temp Max
ntax_highspd Neutral taxiing of HighSpeed
oper_type Operator Type
rx_level Receive quality
dtc# DTC code, where # - number

Wake Type, HEART BEAT - 0X01, CAN1 - 0X02, CAN2 - 0X04, G-SENSOR - 0X08, VOLTAGE - 0X10, GSM - 0X20.

bat_volt Main cable voltage
accel_total Shaking accelerate value

Location data type, 0:normal,1:blind point.

dist_type Distance type
total_dist Total distance km
cons_type Fuel consumption type
total_cons Total fuel consumption l
drive_time Driving time s
acc_off_time ACC off time s
low_speed_time Low speed time s
accel_m# The average acceleration value of # 250ms, where # - number 1..4 mg
accel_tl Acceleration Total Max mg
safe_stat Status Safe in decimal
door_stat Door status in decimal
lock_stat Lock status in decimal
wind_stat Windows status in decimal
ligh_stat Light status in decimal
swit_a_stat Switch status A in decimal
swit_b_stat Switch status B in decimal
res_stat# Reserv status, where # - number 1..3
obd_volt OBD voltage v
turn_stat OBD turn speed rpm
temp# Sensor temperature of # channel, where # - number of channel 1..4
tpms# Pressure of # tyre, where # - number of tyre 1..32 kPa
obd_rpm OBD turn speed rpm
obd_speed OBD driving speed km/h
obd_left_fuel OBD left fuel %/l
obd_cool_temp OBD coolant temperature
obd_air_temp OBD air intake temperature
obd_air_in_press OBD air intake pressure kPa
obd_air_press OBD air pressure kPa
obd_inv_temp OBD environment temperature
obd_foot OBD accelerate footplate position %
obd_fuel_press OBD Fuel pressure kPa
obd_n_code OBD No. of default code
obd_clutch_sw OBD clutch switch
obd_brake_sw OBD brake switch
obd_park_sw OBD parking switch
obd_throt OBD throttle posion
obd_fuel_perc OBD fuel consume percentage l/h
obd_fuel_temp OBD fuel temperature
obd_oil_temp OBD engine oil temeperature
obd_oil_press OBD engine oil pressure kPa
obd_brake OBD brake footplate position %

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