Voyager 3N

Voyager 3N
Manufacturer: Ritm
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Number of units

Features Voyager 3N:
  • Blackbox
Supported in Wialon:
  • LBS
  • Alarm button
  • Communication via TCP

The following data should also be added to Voyager 3N unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software :

Device type: Voyager 3N
Unique ID: imei

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration Voyager 3N for use in Wialon Hosting :

Server port: 21536

56 units of Voyager 3N device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 0.24% of all Personal trackers connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units
can_door_fl A door front the left, 0- is closed, 1- is open
can_door_fr A door front right, 0- is closed, 1- is open
can_door_br A door the back right, 0- is closed, 1- is open
can_door_bl A door the back the left, 0- is closed, 1- is open
can_hood Hood, 0- is closed, 1- is open
can_trunk Trunk, 0- is closed, 1- is open
can_guard Car under guard, 0- shot , 1- taken
can_alarm Standard security system, 0-norm, 1-alarm
can_at_d Automatic in D, movement, 0-off., 1-on
can_at_r Automatic in R, movement, 0-off., 1-on
can_at_n Automatic in N, movement, 0-off., 1-on
can_at_p Automatic in P, movement, 0-off., 1-on
can_brake Brake pedal, 0-released, 1-pressed
can_brake_p Parking brake, 0-off, 1-on
can_car_move Movement of the car, 0-no, 1-yes
can_mode_w Work mode, 0-no, 1-yes
can_ign_key Ignition key, 0-no, 1-yes
can_accessory Accessories, 0-off, 1-on
can_ign Ignition, 0-off, 1-on

Engine started, 0-no, 1-yes

can_lights_m Parking lights, 0-off, 1-on
can_deeped Dipped beam, 0-off, 1-on
can_beam High Beam, 0-off, 1-on
can_seat_belt Seat belt, 0-unfastened, 1-fastened
can_wiper Front wiper, 0-Off, 1-On
can_turn_l Turn indicator left, 0-Off, 1-On
can_turn_r Right turn indicator, 0-Off, 1-On
can_lock Central locking, 0-Open, 1-Closed

GSM signal jamming (0-No, 1-Yes)

sms_err Error sending SMS (0-No, 1-Yes)
gps_fix Coordinates found (0-No, 1-Yes)
temp1_hi External sensor temperature is above threshold (0-No, 1-Yes)
temp1_lo External sensor temperature - below threshold (0-No, 1-Yes)
sm Motion sensor (0-no movement, 1 - movement)
sa Acceleration sensor (0-norm, 1-alarm)

Incline sensor (0-norm, 1-alarm)

ss Impact sensor (0-norm, 1-alarm)
sc Accident sensor - exceeding the set threshold on any one of the axes (1-alarm)
st Tipping sensor - exceeding an angle of 45 degrees (1-alarm)
sr Сoup sensor - the excess angle of 90 degrees. (1-alarm)
test Test mode / Setup mode 0-no, 1-yes
alarm 0-norm alarm, 1-alarm (panic button)
traffic Traffic, 0-parking, 1-traffic
int_bat The discharge of the internal power source is 0-normal, 1-discharged
config Connecting the configuration cable 0-no, 1-yes
prog Remote programming or configuration 0-no, 1-yes
tamper 0-device is closed, 1 - device is open
3dfix 0 - 2D fix, 1 - 3D fix
call1 "Call-1" button (0- not pressed, 1-pressed)
call2 "Call-2" button (0- not pressed, 1-pressed)
call3 "Call-3" button (0- not pressed, 1-pressed)
no_link_ext No connection with the expander, 0-there is a connection, 1-no connection
eng Engine started (0 - stopped, 1 started)
ext_bat Discharge of the external power source (0 - normal, 1 - discharged)
pwr External power supply (0 - No power, 1 - Power sup
ign Ignition, physical connection (0 - off, 1 - on)
charge Charge of the built-in backup power source (0 - off, 1 - on)
reset Device reboot (0-Normal, 1-Reboot)
nav_pwr Turn on navigation receiver (0-off, 1-on)
link_pwr Turn on communication module (0-off, 1-on)
reed_sw Reed switch on break (0-normal, 1-alarm)
ext_magn Reed switch protection from the external field (0-norm, 1-alarm)
reed_sw_ext External reed switch (external input) (0-normal, 1-alarm)
master_code Invalid master code entry, access denied (0-No, 1-Yes)
new_bs Cellular operator base station change (0-No, 1-Yes)
hold_conn Hold connection to server (0 - Off, 1 - On)
track_mode Tracking Mode (0-Off, 1-On)
key_tm 1-TM key attached, 0-key not attached
din# Discrete input #(some number) (0 - no signal, 1 - there is a signal)
dout# Discrete output #(some number) (0 - open, 1 - closed)

Record type. 1 - in time, 2 - in displacement, 3 - in event

flag The record transfer flag. 0xFF-not transmitted, 0x33-transmitted
indx Unique 32-bit history entry counter, +1 for each new
hdop Decrease of accuracy in the horizontal plane hh.h (0.00-25.5)
vdop Reduced accuracy in the vertical plane vv.v (0.00-25.5)
pwr_ext U externally
pwr_int U internal

Fuel #(sensor number)

fuel_s#_t Temperature #(sensor number)

Temperature CPU

temp_1w 1-Wire Temperature
fuel_r1 Fuel rate 1
fuel_r2 Fuel rate 2
fuel_f1 Fuel 1 (Hz)

Fuel 2 (Hz)

fuel_a1 Fuel 1 (ADC)
fuel_a2 Fuel 2 (ADC)
gsm_lvl GSM signal level indication, -128 - no network registration
wifi_lvl WIFI signal level indication, -128 - no registration in the network
acc_x X-axis acceleration
acc_y Y-axis acceleration
acc_z Z-axis acceleration
acc_v Maximum acceleration module
acc_vs The mean value of the acceleration modulus
tangage Pitch
roll Roll
tm_key TM key
mac MAC

Country code

mnc Cell phone operator code
cell_id Cell
lac Area
rx_lvl Signal strength
nav_mileage Mileage of the device, according to the navigation data from the history of the device, in motion, in meters
nav_h Hours, calculated in the device, in seconds
fuel_s5 Fuel gauge reading (RS232)
fuel_s5_t -127 .. + 127 temperature from the fuel sensor (-128 - no indication) (RS232)
pdop Geometric accuracy reduction vv.v (0.00-25.5)
lat_lbs LBS or Wi-Fi Latitude
lon_lbs Longitude LBS or Wi-Fi
rec_ok_count The number of all confirmed entries sent to the server
rec_f_count Number of records that could not be sent
conn_count Number of server connections
sms_count Counter sent SMS per day
doors_en Bit 0..7 - the door 1..8. bit = 0 - no door, bit = 1 - there is a door

Bit 0..7 - the door 1..8. bit = 0 - closed, bit = 1 - open (door switch)

doors#_cntr_in Door #. entrance counter, FFFF - no data
doors#_cntr_out Door # exit counter, FFFF - no data
can_fuel_l Fuel level, l; 32768 - not available
can_fuel_p Fuel level, %; 128 - - no data
can_fuel Total fuel consumption
temp_af Coolant temperature, hail; 32768 - not available

Turnovers engine

ifc Instant consumption
can_hours Engine hours
can_mileage Total mileage
can_up_service Mileage to technical inspection

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